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Pandora Blake

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Hello! I'm Pandora Blake, a London-based kinky girl.

I've been into corporal punishment for as long as I remember. When I was little I used to daydream about being a public schoolboy punished with the cane, or a mistreated maid in a Victorian household, or an orphan forced to live in the cellar with the rats. These days I'm count myself amazingly lucky to be able to act out my daydreams in roleplay, or making films for sites like this one.

I've wanted to shoot with the Northern Spanking Institute ever since I first heard of them. I loved the fact that all the girls were genuinely into spanking, and that the stories were focused on their kinks and fantasies. Having now worked for them, I can say that they're a fantastic bunch and great fun to work with - everyone is so warm and friendly, and seems to appreciate bad puns and silliness as much as I do! But they're also really passionate about corporal punishment, and are comfortable producing edgier, more personal scenarios.

I'm naturally submissive and in my real life I'm very much the 'good girl' type - I always try my hardest to please my Dom. You won't see much of that side of me in films, though! Acting in spanking movies gives me the freedom to explore other roles, and I love having the chance to play a brat or a rebel, or someone who has to be forced to submit. Non-consent scenarios are amazingly hot for me, and roleplay is the ideal place to explore these kinds of fantasies.

I'm really looking forward to acting out more of my daydreams with Northern Spanking. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do :)

Lots of love,
Pandora xxx

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