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"Dirty Girl" Tawsed
  • delboy December 2011
    The best and most erotic video and pics ever have just been posted on NS.

    "Dirty Girl" must be THE most erotic tawsing film on the 'net. Liea Ann Woods, gorgeous
    derriere, ice-cool mistress with cut-glass accent, beautifully clad in her underwear. Blonde subbie Alice Appleby's
    sexy knowing look, soft Scottish accent, and peachy bottom. LAW strokes/ shows the tawse to
    Alice then gives her such a leathering, probably the hardest fem to fem tawsing yet seen.

    Mindblowing! Soooo sexy.

    Thanks to the gorgeous actresses (What a trouper Alice must be!) and the editing/production team.

    The other star of the show, more than a mere prop was the two-tailed tawse itself. There must be mileage
    in more use of school tawses girl to girl, perhaps when they discover tawses in teacher's drawer and
    start to play/ get discovered by lady teacher etc. The sight of ladies holding and examining/
    showing off the tawse arouses considerable excitement...
  • tim December 2011
    yes very nice didnt realise young Alice is a Scottish lass ,she is a lovely little spankee ,Leia Ann is very grand in it ,,,.,best from tim.
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean December 2011
    She's not. Alice is South African.
  • justjay December 2011
    Its a good video but I can't help thinking it would have been so much better if Leia had a bit of seemed a very tight set and she couldn't swing the tawse as well as she might have...also...the tawse is best applied from over the shoulder and down onto the was designed to be used like that and not from the side...I hope we see some F/f hand tawsing final tip...when applying the tawse in the downward to make the target low...about knee or thigh height max....if the target is higher then the full impact doesn't get into full swing please and get those Dommes tawsing in the proper way... :-)
  • delboy December 2011
    Ohhh sorry to Alice! The Scots around her must have rubbed off then....

    While agreeing with most of what JJ has to say, must state that I still believe the video and
    pics to be absolutely awesome.
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean December 2011
    I can assure you that I do tawse downward and from the shoulder these days, and at force Justjay - in fact it's pretty well considered that I am quite an authority on all things tawse and I appreciate what you are saying. However, it takes a lot of practise and skill and some girls are not comfortable wielding it like that until they have more experience and thus like to control the tips of the tails. I wasn't present when this film was made but I agree that the tawse should come down rather than across, and there will be more tawsing in the future, but also please bear in mind that this was Alice's first EVER film and she was also nervous. To subject her to a full force Scottish tawsing in her first on-screen appearance would have been unkind (and not in a good way).
  • delboy December 2011
    The authoritive response as ever from Lucy.
    Think Alice was brilliant as a newbie and I'm sure we all look forward to all future f/f tawsings!!!
  • merionuk December 2011
    Lucy. Do you use genuine JJ Dick Lochgelly tawses or are they replica tawses ?
    For me it just has to be the genuine article that I remeber being on the receiving end of at school.
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean December 2011
    HI merionuk - we use both. I have a couple of genuine original JJ Dick Lochgelly and the only others we use are the best replicas I have ever seen, they are SO close to the real thing. Made by MC Customs, Michael Campbell Tawsemaker in Paisley.
  • merionuk December 2011
    Hi Lucy, I reckon you're too young to have tased the belt at school ?
    Have you got any, or tried, the old Glasgow 3-tail Stevenson or Leckie & Graham belts. Some of these could be as effective as a Lochgelly.
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean December 2011
    I am too young to have received it yes, but I do remember being in Primary one seeing a boy in Primary seven belted at assembly by the headmaster in front of the whole school. A memory that stayed with me forever!

    I have tried the 3-tail Glasgow belt, it was an original but not mine sadly so I'm not sure what the make was. Bloody hurt though.
  • merionuk January 2012
    How many strokes did you take ?
    I once got 6 at school with a Glasgow belt - very stingy but the pain didn't last that long compared to maximum of 4 I got with a Lochgelly which left a lasting impression in more ways than one several hours after the event
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean January 2012
    I only tried the 3-tail on my bottom, not on my hands. But I took 100 strokes. Followed by 100 of the cane. That's back when I was hardcore ;-)
  • merionuk January 2012
    makes me feel inadequate !
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean January 2012
    Oh I couldn't do that now, not if my life depended on it ;-)
  • delboy January 2012
    Ms McLean makes the understatement of 2012 already - 100 3-tail and then the cane - it's more than just hardcore - think you should have been on the Queen's bloody Honours List. But fantastic thought....mmmm.
    You must tell us more about your adventures with the tawse when you have time Lucy.
  • sam February 2012
    Not that Ms McLean makes a habit of taking 100+ !! She has also been known to take it with a 2 tail as well - and a magnificent memory it is I have to say!
  • delboy March 2012
    Ms Mclean must be the most knowledgable lady tawser/tawsee around - how 'bout sharing some of your experiences with the lads and lasses on the forum Lucy? Do you prefer to be top or bottom in tawsing or does it depend on the mood/setting at the time????
  • ooh this vid was very sexy. i just love everything panties and wedgies and spanking is my fav way to enjoy them. the spankee looks so good and i enjoyed watching her being spanked and wedgied in those cotton panties. i appreciate the different positions. i would have really like to see her pick her wedgie out with one hand too. wedgie pickings are sexy and i wish there were more in spankings. i also like when the spanker fondles the spankee real good. i seen some vids of a Mistress Katherine who is real good at fondling while spanking