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  • eoghanp123 January 2012
    I would like to see some of the models wearing slips under their dresses and skirts. There is nothing better for me when a girl is spanked over her dress then when it is pulled up she is spanked over her slip before moving on to her panties then bare bottom. It works well for me if the girl in the slip is a teacher nurse or other authority figure or just a haughty woman is good too

    I know there are a few videos and photo sets with slips in them but I'd love to see more

    Also if other members could point out these videos/photo sets to me it would be much appreciated as I may have missed some
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean January 2012
    I am a fan of slips myself and I actually have quite a big collection of vintage ones. I have made a note and we will try to include slips where appropriate over our next few planned shoots. Thanks for the input.
  • eoghanp123 January 2012
    Thanks Lucy, I look forward to seeing what you can do
  • eoghanp123 March 2012
    Hi again, we have missed a good chance to include some nice vintage white lace slips in the student nurse gallery. I always remember nurses in such uniforms in the 80's and early 90's would almost always wear a slip underneath, perhaps in a future gallery using these uniforms slips could be included
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean March 2012
    Yes good point! This film was shot before your request however, I think it was shot about a year ago it just takes a while for material to filter onto the site as we shoot very far in advance and mix up material of different girls on our updates. I wasn't there for the filming of the Student Nurse film, but you're quite right. Next time we use the long nurse dresses I'll try to remember to get Paul to include slips. Thanks :-)
  • eoghanp123 March 2012
    Ah I see, I didn't realise you shot your videos that far in advance. It would be great to see slips under the nurse dresses but I'd be happy so see them in any scenario :)

    Thanks again
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean March 2012
    Not all of them are, but we tend to shoot several films with models on one shoot then stagger the feed onto the site so members get a variety of their favourite girls rather than lots of films of the same girls back to back. So, for example, the Student Nurse film was shot in April last year, but the film released on the site prior to that, with Molly Malone was shot only a few weeks ago (and she is wearing a slip).
  • eoghanp123 March 2012
    She is indeed, I'd have liked to see her spanked over the slip before moving on to her panties. Then when she removed her dress to see her spanked wearing only the slip for a bit before removing it would have been nice :)

    But still a great video keep up the good work and hopefully we'll see a few more videos involving slips in the near future
  • eoghanp123 August 2012
    Hi again I'm just wondering if there will be any videos involving slips due to be posted soon
  • eoghanp123 September 2012
    Well its been almost 9 months since I made my original request and unfortunately I haven't seen anything involving slips. I am going to cancel my membership for the time being anyway and see if I can find somewhere else more suited to my taste, it's a pity as your videos are of great quality.
    Thank you for considering my request
  • justjay September 2012
    Seems such a simple request to have females wearing slips - any reason why not? Lucy? Paul?
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean October 2012
    Nope, no reason at all and we are still mindful of doing more with slips and have done. It just takes a while for new material to filter on to the site as we try to rotate updates with the girls, scenario etc so it's not too same-y. As a result some of our material updating now was shot last week, and some of it up to 2-3 years ago but only being released now. We will get to it.
  • delboy July 2013
    In this fantastic summer weather...just aboot tae end no idea for a wee film shooty thing could be - -
    lady teacher takes girls for picnic in garden - the girls sunbathe then start to touch each other up - lady-teach discovers and produces tawse from beneath jacket, proceeds to hand-tawse each girl in turn. Last girl refuses to take the strap - ciggies are discovered in clenched hand - so the tawse is applied to bottoms as they are draped in turn over a garden bench.

    Just an idea!!
  • tim August 2013
    Northern Spanking has plenty of variety ,best from ,Tim.
  • eoghanp123 December 2013
    Hi, I'm just wondering if any vids featuring models wearing slips have been posted in the last few months? As I was thinking of renewing my subscription
  • Paul Kennedy January 2014
    Sorry, nothing that I can think of. To be perfectly honest, even if there were, it would be the only example for months either side of it. The reason being that girls simply do not wear slips any more and it really is a very small niche interest. My advice would be to see if there is any more specialist sites which cater for this specifically. My guess is that there must be but, and its a big but, I'm pretty sure whatever you do find will not feature spanking as well. If you do find anything then please do let me know and I will add a link to the site here for anyone else that shares the interest.
  • eoghanp123 January 2014
    Yeah there are plenty of slip sites, and there have been sites that featured slips and spankings together, unfortunately they are no longer active.

    Well thanks for your help, I'll keep looking elsewhere