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Long Eaton with Sarah Bright and Ten Amorette
  • Paul Kennedy November 2012
    Having met and worked with Ten at Shadow Lane back in August, we just had to shoot with her again on her recent visit to the UK. I was lucky enough to be able to share a studio with Sarah Bright ( and as well as helping her with cameras, we shot two films and a stills set for Northern Spanking. One film is a partial re-interpretation of a truly ancient Janus classic, the other demonstrates what can happen to over-worked nurses when they encounter truly disturbed Consultants! The stills set gave me a chance to use a genuine 1950's cheerleader outfit, including panties, with a genuine (NOT 1950's!) American!! Enjoy the samples!

    sarah1.JPG 72K
    ten1.JPG 101K
    ten3.jpg 63K
    ten4.jpg 75K
    ten5.JPG 85K
    ten6.JPG 88K
    ten7.JPG 78K
    ten9.jpg 82K
    ten8.jpg 69K
    ten10.jpg 84K
  • tim December 2012
    Lovely ,Ten who i know at Punished Brats and lovely Sarah ,best ,Tim.
  • Paulblue12 March 2013
    Some great pics..of tender bottoms.
  • tim July 2014
    Very pretty girls .
  • ooh i love watching ten amorette being spanked. especially when she wears cotton panties and there always seems to be a sexy wedgie involved.