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Happy Christmas!
  • Paul Kennedy December 2012
    Lucy and I, along with Stephen, Amy, Leia, Zoe and everyone that comprises our happy little band of players would like to wish all those who enjoy what we do a very merry Christmas and all best wishes for 2013!

    Its been an odd year for us, difficult in some ways with moving house twice, once at the beginning of the year from Scotland and again a few weeks ago to our new home by the sea. We haven't shot a great deal with only eight shoots in total, all of them memorable. Our highlights were definitely Shadow Lane, Las Vegas in August, where we met some lovely new spankees, including Ten Amorette, whom we shot with again here in the UK last month, Alex Reynolds who makes her debut shortly and the lovely Mila Kohl, who is also visiting us in May next year. The big shoot of the year was our joint effort with in Leek, Staffordshire earlier in August. Again we met, spanked and filmed some delightful new talent: Sally Spark is so sweet and innocent-looking, you just want to eat her. Her best friend Crazy Masie Dee is just that, utterly crazy, a great actress and incredibly funny. Little Fae Corbin was a pure delight to work with and of course the gorgeous and talented Scarlot-Rose who thoroughly enjoyed making a fool of herself in our "50 Shades of Pink" pastiche, my favourite of our films that were shot this year that have appeared so far.

    We mustn't forget our erstwhile and put-upon Tops: Stephen and Amy mainly but the award for the bravest must go to David de Wolfe for his starring role in the aforementioned "50 Shades" as the (very) put-upon husband expected to meet such unreasonable demands from his suddenly rampant wife - a better piece of character acting I haven't often seen, anywhere!

    My star of the year however is Zoe Page. Not only did Zoe make her debut as Domme with us but has also been my lovely assistant, bag-girl, back-up photographer & camerawoman, particularly on the biggest shoot of the year. I can honestly say that shoot would simply not have worked without her. Her photography and camera-work is coming on nicely and she definitely has "the eye", as you would expect from a young but very experienced Domme. Thank you, Zoe.

    Well that was this year, what about 2013? Our shooting schedule will again be very restricted due to finances, so we will need to be creative... I see a couple of big shoots in rented venues, possibly one a period property to enable the filming of a couple of period-set films Lucy and Stephen have come up with, plus a handful of one or two-girl studio shoots. We will hopefully be doing some more collaborative efforts with the likes of, and As for spankees, we plan to work again with Molly Malone, Sally Spark, Scarlot-Rose, Leia Ann Woods, Aleesha Fox and Amelia Jane Rutherord, as well as several new girls we are in touch with, plus Mila and Alex from the US - so yes, we are going to need to be creative!!

    We will sadly not be returning to Las Vegas for Labor Day but we will have a presence in Atlantic City for Boardwalk Badness in April and I am working on some kind of active participation for us in The Firm's Night of The Cane in London in November. I personally intend to be rather more visible on the fetish scene generally than I have been for the last few years so if you do spot me, please do come and say hello!

    And we will finally find a web designer to redesign our difficult, temperamental, antique website - search "steampunk spanking" - you get us!!

    That's all from us for this year so, with warmth of bottom and heart, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

    Paul & Lucy
    Northern Spanking
  • Paul Kennedy December 2012
    Here's a few didn't-quite-make-it stills from shoots this year, suspects identified where appropriate!!

    Its the eyes. They tell you beyond doubt that she did! - Zoe Montana

    Zoe & Michael Stamp

    Undress me with your EYES, she said! I wasn't listening!

    You wouldn't like me when I'm angry! - Leia Ann Woods

    Zoe Page exploring her bush.

    Crazy Masie Dee

    Sally Spark & Nimue Allen

    Sally, Jenna Jay & Masie Dee - Now THAT was an Ann Summers Party!

    Whatever you say Miss Zoe! Yesterday if I can Miss Zoe!

    Amazing what you can get from B&Q these days...

    Oh, it fell off, did it?


    It should be obvious now why she's Crazy Masie!

    With me. It was late. I was tired!

    Look, you almost can't see my strings at all!! - Scarlot-Rose


    VERY Grumpy!

    Asset Management with Zoe Montana

    Nurse! Nurse!! NURSE!!!! - Sarah Bright & Sally Spark

    Yes, we really ARE that silly!
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  • tim December 2012
    All great girls ,Happy Christmas from Tim all at Northern Spanking ,love and spanks,Timxx