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  • Paul Kennedy March 2014
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    Introducing Ginger - Stills, starring Ginger Sparks & Alex Reynolds

    Trunk Music - Stills, starring Lottie Kinsade & Paul Kennedy

    The Professionals - Film - Starring Fae Corbin, Scarlot Rose & David de Wolfe
    A Different take on the Travelling Disciplinarian theme, David is a provider of attitude adjustment in the workplace and Scarlot is his assistant and trainee, being schooled in the arts of thrashing sloppy secretaries. Todays task is to re-focus the mind of pretty young PA Fae Corbin, by taking down her tights and panties, thoroughly humiliating her and paddling her bottom. It does seem however that Scarlot is a little overcritical in her note taking and David feels it his responsibility as her Mentor to correct her, throughly, over his lap!

    Dishes - Stills, starring Nimue Allen & Scarlot Rose

    Carpet Burns - Stills, starring Sally Spark & Nimue Allen

    Everybody Talk About...Scarlot - Stills, Starring Scarlot Rose, David de Wolfe and a cast of thousands, all of whom spank poor Scarlot!

    Dr Discipline & His Naughty Nurses - Film, starring Rosie Bottomley, Nimue Allen & David de Wolfe
    Sister Allen is in the process of smacking Nurse Bottomley for a careless mistake on the ward when Doctor de Wolfe enters to observe the proceedings. As Rosies bottom reddens nicely under Nimues hand, the Doctor decides that perhaps his Sister has overstepped her authority a little and requires to be strapped. Nurse Bottomley has further punishment to come as well.

    A Painful Interview - Film, starring Jenna Jay and Nimue Allen
    Her interview for what she thought was a waitressing job takes Jenna by surprise.
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  • tim April 2014
    Great scenes from the videos ,best,Tim.