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Some New Kitchen Sink Films
  • Paul Kennedy March 2014

    Alex & I have added some new films to our personal home-made site, Here's a rundown of the latest titles, with descriptions by Alex.

    HOMEWORK (Upskirt/Masturbation/Schoolgirl/Panties)
    I'm very fond of wearing school uniforms, and Paul loves watching me dress up this way, so we often make up roleplay scenes that involve this sort of wardrobe! This time, I dressed up in a short, pleated, plaid skirt (it's an actual uniform which I've hemmed to make it a bit revealing), a pair of navy blue knee socks, penny loafers, a white shirt and a blue sweater. Of course, I had on some thin, white cotton panties under my skirt. With my hair in pigtails and my glasses on, I made a perfect school girl. I went into the living room to do some homework, but the text that I was reading was as dry and boring as could be and I quickly became bored (although you'll probably enjoy watching me read, since I had my legs up and my panties were in plain view!). Once I abandoned my book, I started daydreaming. My thoughts quickly became naughty and my fingers found their way to the gusset of my school panties, touching and stroking myself through the thin but soft material. Instead of stopping with a quick tease like I sometimes do, I began to really get into masturbating. I did most of it the way that I usually do when I'm not being filmed: my rubbing myself through my panties, although I often dipped my fingers inside them to feel just how wet I was getting. After I'd been doing this for quite a while, I was interrupted. Paul played my stern authority figure in this role-play, and he reminded me that I have my own bedroom in which to do such things and that it isn't appropriate for a young girl to being doing this in public view. He then sat down to chat about what I'd been doing before, and it quickly became obvious that I'd been opted to touch myself instead of doing my homework. He'd heard from my school, and it turns out that it had been quite a while since I turned in any homework at all, so despite my pleas and protests, it was time for me to be punished. He went off to get a small, stingy strap, then bent me over the arm of the sofa for a very firm spanking over my school panties. Before the spanking was over, I started to cry real tears: some days, a spanking just hurts more than others. Paul wasn't swayed by my crying, and he finished giving me a very sound spanking, pulling my white cotton panties down to spank my bare bottom thoroughly. Then he gave me a stinging strapping with a thin, leather strap. I cried out with every stroke, wiggling and wailing. Suffice to say, a lesson was learned! I love doing this kind of roleplay, and I find it very exciting when a spanking pushes me to real crying and sobbing like this one did. This clip includes parts one and two combined for ease of viewing: you get to watch me masturbating in my school uniform and getting a thorough and severe spanking which lasts long beyond tears! What more could you ask for, really? xoxo, Alex

    FLOWERS (Upskirt/Panties/Spanking)
    My neighbors have a big, flowering plant with purple blossoms on it which spills into our yard. One day, I've decided that if the flowers are on my side of the fence, they're mine to pick! Dressed in a short summer dress, I carried a chair into the yard so that I could reach them. My skirt was a bit hiked up as I reached for the purple blooms, and my white cotton panties were on display! You get to sneak a peak up my skirt as I reach for more flowers and bend over to pick up the ones that I've dropped. After arranging my flowers in a vase, I settled down on the sofa to read for a little while. Paul came in and noticed the flowers, and I told him proudly that I had picked them myself. He questioned me about from where and came to the conclusion that the flowers technically belonged to the neighbors and that I wasn't supposed to be taking them without asking. As we discussed this, it also came out that I have been tempting the neighbors' very cute over to the fence so that I could watch it by giving it treats. I quickly found myself over Paul's lap, getting my white-panty-covered bottom smacked. At first, I didn't take the spanking very seriously, giggling and arguing, but once my panties were taken down and my hand was pinned behind my back, my attitude changed. I was soon whimpering and squirming over his lap as he punished me for my naughty behavior. Before long, my bottom was bright red and very sore, and I was a sorry and repentant young lady. As much fun as flower picking was, perhaps I'll actually ask before I do it again! Or maybe not, since you all seem to enjoy watching me get spanked so much! This film contains the previous two clips combined into one for ease of viewing and is most enjoyable to watch! I hope you like watching my bottom get reddened! Believe me, it was quite sore! xoxo, Alex

    TIDYING UP THE YARD (Upskirt/Panties)
    Although we live in the city, we have a nice little back yard where we often spend time socializing or reading. Following a few rainstorms, there were a lot of leaves on the ground back there. I decided to go out and clean them up one day. Of course, I had on the most appropriate of gardening attire: a short dress, black knee socks and pretty cotton panties printed with pastel colored hearts! If a job can be done in a way that puts my panties on display, I'm bound to select that way of doing it! I started in the far corner of the yard, bending over and scooping up the leaves that had gathered on the pavement and worked my way back, bringing my bottom into clearer and clearer view as the process went on, and getting myself into all sorts of bent-over positions to reach as many leaves as I could. My panties were in view almost the entire time that I was working. Sure, raking would have been quicker and more efficient, but then no one would have gotten a view of my round bottom and my pretty panties. There's no spanking in this clip, but if you enjoy upskirts and panty-fetish, you'll certainly enjoy watching the way that I garden. I'm excited to think of you watching it! xoxo, Alex

    PRETTY COTTON PANTIES (Upskirt/Panties)
    I spent the day out of the house, going to a Tea House with my friends. I got dressed up in a cute, Japanese Decora style outfit, and I carefully picked a pair of sweet, floral cotton panties to match. The problem is that no one got to see this very important part of my outfit while I was out! I love to show off my panties, so once I got home I put on a little show in the backyard. I lifted my ruffled skirt to show you my panties, taking some time to stroke and fondle myself through the soft material. I giggled as I came up with a series of poses to show off every angle of my panties, opening my legs, turning around and bending over to wiggle my round bottom in the air. This certainly made up for the fact that I no one saw them when I was with my friends! There's no spanking in this clip: it's just for those of you who, like me, have an appreciation for pretty panties! I hope you enjoy! xoxo, Alex

    We're really enjoying shooting these films at home with just the two of us and also indulging some of our other fetishes, leaning about how to film them and having lots of fun. Do please check out We are always open to suggestions and ideas and we can also shoot custom films, within the bounds of what resources we have available to us so, if you want your own idea made into film, just let us know!
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