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Los Angeles April 2014 - Part 2
  • Hi again, everyone! It’s Alex Reynolds again, sharing the stories of more shooting adventures we’ve been up to recently! While Pandora Blake was visiting us, we did a really fun shoot with a great group of girls: Pandora, Christy Cutie, Maddy Marks and me. We shot at a Los Angeles play-space, which worked well for our purposes since it had offices, outdoor areas and a gymnasium-like room, complete with a stage. We were lucky enough to be joined by Rolling Shutter, whose expertise at camerawork and lighting made things run very smoothly. We spent half of the day shooting scenes for Northern Spanking and the other half for Pandora’s site:Dreams of Spanking . I won’t talk about the scenes that were filmed for Dreams of Spanking, since Pandora hasn’t done so and I don’t want to give any spoilers, but they were all very hot and a lot of fun to shoot. Pandora always comes up with scenarios that are creative and engaging, and she’s awesome to work with.

    The first scene that we shot for us involved me and Christy playing a pair of naughty school girls who snuck into the Headmistress’s office after hours. We were dressed in school uniforms which I have to say are over-the-top cute. Christy and I got them from a school uniform supplier in my neighborhood. We both felt very awkward and sort of naughty to be shopping there for these purposes, and we had prepared a story in advance, saying that we wanted to wear the uniforms for cosplay and anime conventions. I don’t think that the clerk who helped us out really believed us, but they let us shop anyway. After a lot of trial and error, we found ones that we liked and which fit us properly, complete with peter-pan collars and cute little cross-ties. Christy might actually like hairbows more than I do (this is kind of up for debate) and she supplied us with matching ones to go with our outfits.

    As Christy and I would say, we were such cute business!

    The scene started with Christy and I sneaking in and finding the paddle used to punish misbehaving students at our school sitting out on the desk. This lead to the two of us “exploring” by trying it out on each other. Christy and I together tend to get excessively giggly, and there was a lot of that happening in the first part of this scene.


    Unfortunately, we were interrupted by Headmistress Blake, who was none to pleased to find us playing around in her office when we weren’t even supposed to be there! We found ourselves bent over the desk for a real paddling, much harder than the playful swats we’d been giving each other. We held hands while getting spanked: friends to the end! Pandora played her character in a way which was both stern and old fashioned while still getting very engaged with both of us on a personal level, doing things like forcing eye contact:


    Anyway, I think that scene came out really well. I know I had a really good time making it, and usually the scenes which we enjoy filming are the ones that have the best results!

    The next of our scenes involved Paul playing a nasty, horrible restaurant owner. Maddy has come in for an “interview” which was set up by her parole officer: she’s straight out of jail and REALLY needs the work. Knowing this, awful Mr. Kennedy took full advantage of the situation: giving her a hard spanking and strapping and giving her a skimpy and demeaning outfit to wear while working. I had the job of coming up with Maddy’s waitress “uniform,” and I think I did an excellent job, dressing her in a midriff baring cropped blouse, a pair of see thru, lace panties and a white apron: nothing else! It was hard not to laugh from behind the cameras when Maddy looked at the clothes she was handed and said “Um, I think you forgot the pants?”


    There was a ton of energy in this scene: Paul’s character was as mean and sleazy as possible, and Maddy played off meek, scared and submissive perfectly. The strapping was really hard, and Maddy’s gorgeous bottom was glowing red when it was finished. Christy and I watched this from off camera and Pandora was filming, but the three of us kept making eye contact and nodding our approval: the scene is certified hot, say we! It’s also always fascinating to watch the transition between the roles that are being played in the scene and real life after the cameras cut. One minute a very scary version of Paul was yelling at a scared and timid Maddy and then, once the scene was over, they were laughing and hugging. Really, it’s the fact that we’re all friends which makes scenes like this one work out so well: there’s a lot of trust and communication behind the scenes.

    We broke for lunch, which we ate sort of picnic style, sitting on the stage and chatting about the next few scenes and what we’d enjoyed so far that day. Re-energized by sandwiches, pasta salad, chips and dips, veggies, fruit, cookies and chocolate (yes, we eat well when we’re working!) we moved on to the second half of the day. The two scenes were for Dreams of Spanking, including a group scene involving all four of us, seen here representing two very different schools:

    (picture of all four of us courtesy of Dreams of Spanking

    I love filming group scenes: there’s just so much energy to play off of there. We did another scene with all of us once we finished that one up. This was the scene which I was the most excited about filming for this shoot. While browsing my favorite thrift store, I had found a set of four matching shift dresses. They’re obviously part of the uniform for some local school, but they sent my mind wandering to orphanages and reformatories. They happened to be just the right size to fit the four of us: best luck ever. The scene involved an escape attempt from our very harsh institution that had gone awry, since I had gotten cold feet and decided to rat us all out (Stockholm Syndrome maybe?) and as such, the four of us were punished in front of the entire assembly. When we were getting ready to shoot, Christy asked if she could wear a hairbow for this scene. “Orphans aren’t allowed hairbows,” I told her. “Right,” added Pandora, “unless they make them out of newspaper!” We also discovered that the dresses only had a pocket on one side and decided that orphans are only allowed one pocket!

    The scene started with all of us lined up, waiting to be punished and the other three girls angrily talking about how I had ruined everything, and giving me lots of threats for what would be happening to me later! After we were lined up on stage and Paul, the director of our institution gave a speech to the rest of the girls who were “watching us in the audience” about how serious this offense was, I was the first to get caned: I had a reduced sentence for having given the information that foiled the escape! Pandora, Christy and Maddy stood together as they watched, mocking and teasing me as I cried out in pain. Each girl took their turn getting beaten and then was made to line back up, displaying the welts, but when it was Pandora’s turn, she got defiant with the director and in response he made her strip and told her she’d get her dress back at the end of the day! After the caning scene was finished, we shot an addition piece in which Pandora leads Maddy and Christy in shoving me against a wall, holding me down and pulling my dress off of me to replace the one that Pandora wasn’t wearing! This scene was as hot as hot could be: the stern, cold institutional feeling is really exciting for me, and I know that some of the other girls involved felt the same way!


    Once we finished shooting, did all the paperwork that we had to do, figured out which panties belonged to which girl and cleared up all our gear, we headed out to a local restaurant to have dinner and relax. It was a great day: I think everyone had a good time and we produced awesome content for both sites. I can’t wait for you guys to see it! I’m proud of the work we did, and I know you’ll enjoy it!

    Until next time,


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