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  • i am so in lust with watching these girls get spanked in their panties. northern spanking IMO has the best panties of any site. cotton bikini fullback non see thru panties is my favorite. i'll be honest, when i watch spanking vids i'm not concerned about storylines. i consider this to be softcore porn and i believe porn is meant to be a turn on. that's why i wish the camera would constantly keep the girls' butts, thighs and panty covered crotches in view. plus multiple positions of being spanked, various movements and maybe even some girl/girl fondling.

    sexy wedgies is my preference even tho i know most prefer bare butt spanking, but i feel that in the porn world overall, panties and wedgies don't get their full just due. i do appreciate all the sexy wedgies that appear on this site, combined with the pretty panties its all a deelish arousing site to behold.

    continue being an awesome site and i really hope for continued and more sexy wedgies and maybe even some string bikini panties. thanks Paul and everybody else who makes this a wonderful site

    Natural Wedgie Man aka the Sexy Wedgie Ambassador