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Traditional girl-girl tawsing!
  • delboy April 2011
    First, a huge thanks Lucy, Paul and Amy, et al for a fantastic site and this great new idea for a forum.

    I know you always try to be innovative with new ideas for storylines and these are always amazing, take
    schoolgirls in space for example!
    However, I for one can never see the tawse appearing enough....the recent tawsing by Lucy of three 'schoolies'
    was absolutely spanktastic. But uses of the tawse by ladies on the girlies are few and far between
    and maybe shots lingering on a female tawser stroking/playing with it's tails and showing off the tawse to the
    camera/ recipient would be absolutely fantastic. Maybe a strict gown-clad ladyteacher or strict aunt stripping
    down to her undies whilst dishing out a tawsing to an errant bottom/ hands may add a sexy twist to such a tale??

    Sorry, but the tawse just gets me where it hurts so to speak and I can't see enough different ladies using one,
    wonder if any others feel the same way?? As a Scot with real life experiences in the past maybe I'm inordinately afflicted...
    but where else can I expect help than from a site with a Northern background?

    Suppose I'm suggesting a regular lady-with-tawse spot which we could all look forward to with MUCH anticipation!

    Thanks again for a great site, keep up the great work.

    Awra best!

  • Hmmm... I'm liking the "Lady With Tawse" idea very much! It would have to be Ms McLean of course - we did a photoset series years ago called "Matron Spanks" in which Matron Lucy dealt with a selection of naughty nurses bottoms, most firmly, with her favourite leather implement.

    We have a shoot coming up at the end ofthis month and one of my rough ideas for one of the films could easily incorporate the elegant-lady-in-underwear punishing repentant girl in less elegent undies... Once all participants are confirmed, look for details in the FORTHCOMING SHOOTS section.
  • justjay October 2011
    Paul, I'd like to see more girl to girl hand tawsing - what about Amy or Leia Ann as gym mistresses...and tawsing naughty girls on bottoms and hands - the girls accepting that tawse with one hand under the other in the traditional way. You could call the film "Trained by the Tawse"

    Just a suggestion - great site btw!

  • Paul Kennedy November 2011
    Like the name JJ and a nice easy film to do, unless you are on the receiving end of course!
  • HelloMrAllen November 2011
    For administration of hand tawsing, it has to be Lucy – truly outstanding, very painful but also safe!

    The eye-to-eye dynamic was the greatest surprise for me with this, I’m sure this chemistry and fear can be captured on your film.

    Have to agree Paul – it is hard being on the receiving end - as we may have discussed, I was when Lucy kindly taught CateStoker and myself hand tawsing; literally with hands-on demonstration.
  • Paul Kennedy November 2011
  • delboy November 2011
    Well let's see more hand tawsing on the site!

    Just an idea, an 'instructional' hand tawsing from a lady head teacher to a new
    younger girl teacher might make a good scenario for a movie?
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean November 2011
    Thanks delboy, I think we did this in stills but it was two male teachers, but it's a nice idea for a film. We'll pop that in the ideas file for sure. We are not filming now again until 2012, but keep the ideas coming.
  • delboy November 2011
    Roll on 2012! - Never thought I would say that...
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean November 2011
    For those you awaiting the Leia-Ann/Alice tawsing film with baited breath...I am delighted to announce this will go live in our members area on 17th December.
  • justjay November 2011
    Lucy, does the Leia Ann and Alice film contain hand tawsing? If it does then I do have baited breath. :-p
  • delboy November 2011
    JJ - you can see a couple of fantastic preview pics of L-A and Alice on the 'is anyone there?' thread.
    Complete with tawse - that should whet your appetite!

    And thanks for the advice Lucy, you are a star.
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean November 2011
    Um, I confess I am about to start editing it right now, and I wasn't there for the filming so I am not sure if it has hand tawsing. It definitely has bottom tawsing. I shall report back later...
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean November 2011
    I am afraid I have to report that there is no hand-tawsing in the film. However, the film is a very sensuous Mistress/Slave dynamic between the girls and is quite erotic so hand-tawsing in the traditional sense would not have sat well with the feel of the piece. Not to worry, there will be more hand-tawsing in the future. As a stand alone short film, the tawsing in this is VERY good.
  • delboy November 2011
    Tawsing of any kind between ladies is fantastic!
    Particularly when a sensual domme sorts out a newbie girl!!
    Thanks AGAIN, will look forward BIG TIME to seeing the results...
  • Leia+Ann+WoodsLeia Ann Woods November 2011
    Lucy - Glad about that, as I far prefer to use the tawse down the way, with the subbie lying flat than bent over. Need more practise with it! Look forward to seeing it, I think!
  • justjay November 2011
    Leia I look forward to seeing the vid in december....but looking forward much more to seeing you receiving a good hand tawsing from Lucy or Amy...
  • delboy November 2011
    Leia Ann,

    I understand why you prefer the tawse used downwards. Cause this is how it was invented to operate!

    It was designed for use on the hands which requires the tawser to draw the tawse downward from over the shoulder onto a flat palm. So the best way to tawse a bum is if the sub is lying flat, you're right! Tawsing sideways can mean that the tails fall over each other slightly. I do notice that the best way a bent over tawsing is applied is if the tawser holds the tails together and whips the tawse down fast, diagonally as I notice Lucy does, even with backhanded strokes - but the tawse really wasn't designed for that.
    So hows about a film of a prostrate fem sub being tawsed traditionally. The sight of a tawse freely resting over a mistress's shoulder is a most evocative sight. Particularly if she struts around with it in place - indicative of the potential for being drawn down at any moment...
  • Leia+Ann+WoodsLeia Ann Woods November 2011
    Oh sure delboy I know that, and I much prefer using the tawse on male hands! Sometimes for the purposes of film other poses are required.

    Lucy is the expert on the tawse so it is best to have a conversation with her on that. Me? I like to administer the cane most!
  • justjay November 2011
    Leia...I would love to see you adminster the tawse on male or female hands....but if you are receiving it...then I'd prefer that it was a Domme such as Amy or Miss Brown giving you's all in the eye contact :-)
  • delboy November 2011

    You have great taste.
    Don't know if Miss Brown will be on NS though but I'm sure Amy would do brilliant job.
  • justjay December 2011
    Amy would do a good job Tawsing but I bet Aleesha as a gym teacher would be great at dishing out the tawse to young ladies hands...she's got the perfect build for it...
  • delboy January 2012
    Leia, with the prospect of a male joining in (maybe even your partner??) it might be nice to see you as schoolie prefect sorting out a boy and girl together, tawse and cane?? Maybe you could even switch with the girl and receive some of the tawse when your credentials as prefect are questioned... as boy holds you down... (ok so story not so original - but it would be HOT!)
  • HelloMrAllen February 2012
    It would be lovely if you and/or Amy do a scene administering the tawse on the hands of some of the ladies when you next have opportunity shooting? I know you and team have the skills for capturing on video the anticipation and eye to eye dynamic of the play. I’m not sure all watching would necessarily understand how painful the tawse on the hand at full swing is but I’d imagine the genuine reactions of the person taking a 4 or 6 stroke administration would pick up that plot quite soon.
  • justjay February 2012
    I am looking forward to NS producing more hand tawsing videos. Amy H is already doing a fair bit on other sites as it Cassie Hunter....both awesome hand tawsers though Lucy's pretty good too - great scenes in the movie Behind the Bike Sheds.
  • Lucy+McLeanLucy McLean February 2012
    You will all be pleased to know we filmed a lovely traditional teacher/schoolgirl hand tawsing at the weekend. After a quick lesson in authentic over-the-shoulder tawsing from me, Leia-Ann Woods was fearsome on the tender hands of Zoe Montana. I can't tell you when this will go on the website, but at least you know we're listening guys :-)

    MrAllen - next time Amy and I are on a shoot together we will give it a go. It takes great skill and practise to administer the tawse whilst maintaining eye contact rather than looking at the target, when of course safety is always the priority. However, as you know both Amy and I are capable of it as our skills are at that level so we can give it a go filming it. Want to volunteer a victim? ;-)
  • justjay February 2012
    Fabulous Lucy! I can hardly wait to see it and thanks for listening.

    As for who to punish on the hands for yourself and Amy...Leia is an obvious choice for you Lucy (if not Leia then Aleesha Fox) and for Amy I think Kami Robertson being hand tawsed by Amy would be awesome.

    As I mentioned earlier angles are all so important for a hand tawsing film...check out this trailer of the third film down Driving the Message Home...look at the low angle and how amazing it is for impact.

    Keep up the good work Lucy!

    Best JJ x
  • delboy February 2012
    Well, I have to agree with JJ, I too can hardly wait for the Leia-Ann/Zoe M scene...
    Any chance of a wee still to keep us going til the launch Lucy?
  • justjay September 2012
    Any more hand tawsing films coming up Lucy?