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At Northern Spanking, we have been creating consensual adult fantasy spanking/corporal punishment films and imagery since 2001.  That makes us one of the longest-established spanking websites on the net and our huge archive reflects this.  Currently we have well in excess of 300 films and many 1000's of images available to our members.  Originally based in the UK, our content has very much focused on traditional British imagery and storylines.  With our relocation to the US, we have begun to diversify somewhat but that focus will remain, so traditionalists need have no fear. British-style school girl punishment will remain a major part of what we do, even if it is produced in the United States!  We go out of our way to shoot with as many British models as possible, despite our new home base.  We love what we do as much as we ever we did, despite many changes and we believe this shows in our output.

We appreciate that not everyone wishes to join a membership website these days although, in terms of value for money, we must be among the best!  We have therefore spent some time developing alternative pay-per-view options and now have three dedicated online stores where you can browse our films and pay only for those you want to see.  Northern Spanking Films features our current output.  Northern Spanking Classic features our older films, before we began to shoot in High Definition.  We also have a combined Spanking Library store which has a bit of everything, plus a huge amount of previews on Spanking Tube.

Our origins of course are in photography and no-one, but no-one, has a photographic archive to compare with ours!  There is a debate as to whether, in the age of High Definition film, still images remain relevent.  We firmly believe that they do and photography will continue to be a major part of our output.  It's one of the things that make us stand out among our peers.  Imaginitive photo-sets, for the most part now paying tribute to the early colour spanking magazines of the 1970's and 1980's, is the main passion of our photographer - finding period-appropriate locations, props and wardrobe is almost as enjoyable as the shooting and the results have attracted much praise.

Our film-making is done on the very latest High Definition equipment and we work with the very best scene performers.  Many of our spankees you will know well.  However, we always have and will continue to feature new or amateur models.  Our claim that all of our spankees, whether well-known models, newcomers or amateurs are themselves genuine lifestyle spanking/BDSM scene players remains as true today as it did when we started!  We are extremely proud of our reputation as a safe, fun and friendly company to work for.  YOU WILL SEE SPANKEES HERE THAT YOU WILL NOT SEE ANYWHERE ELSE!  

We update several times per week and aim to offer a new film each week.  

We do hope that you will consider joining us as a member.  Some of our members have been with us for many years continuously, so we must be doing something right!  Membership options can be found on our JOIN page.

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