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Having pulled strings to get his niece a nursing assistant position in the hospital where he is a consultant, Dr Kennedy feels rather let down when two incidents of abject unsuitability to the caring profession are brought to his attention. Whatever her future in medicine, Sunnie's immediate future holds a smacked bottom and a caning!

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Recently introduced, this is Lilly's first ever spanking film and we are delighted that she chose us to fulfill a long-held ambition. You will be seeing much more of this very naughty girl!

Based on real-life events, this one, with the identity of the culprit entirely unprotected as she is in no way innocent! Lilly's behavior at her friend's batchelorette (hen) party was utterly outrageous, including dancing drunkenly on the bar. Worse, Lilly had somehow 'forgotten' to wear panties for the evening!! This leads us to the next day, where a more sober conversation takes place between Lilly and a co-batchelorette, here played by Kelley May, in which Lilly is taken severely to task for her outrageous conduct and, eventually, upon completion of a rather thorough spanking with hand and hairbrush, a promise of better behavior, and an undertaking to wear knickers, is given. We are not informed as to whether these promises and undertakings were adhered to!
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For the third month in a row, Marketing Executive Luci has failed to meet her sales targets. Called in to answer for her poor performance, Luci begs the Sales Manager for one more chance. There is, of course a way this can happen but it involves Luci having to bare her bottoms spanked. Her absence of outrage, shock or even more than mild surprise at this news confirms something Mr Kennedy suspected abut this naughty young lady. Further confirmation comes from Luci as the spanking proceeds and she becomes increasingly aroused. What further effect will the application of the tawse to her bottom elicit? It is likely that, going forward, Luci will have to have her performance reviewed weekly.

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Alex asked her sister to cover for her when she sneaked out to see her boyfriend. Anabelle's attempt at this was less half-hearted and more non-existent, resulting in Alex getting a spanking. Here we see what happens when Alex takes her revenge.

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Skyler Rose is a very talented cheerleader. And she knows it! Her propensity for giving unsolicited advice to her (competition-winning!) Coach has finally become old and words have been had with Mr Kennedy, who decides its time to take Skyler down a peg or two. Skyler gets a well-deserved spanking and a taste of the belt across her bottom for her cheeky behavior.

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Senior girl Sydney has been returned to school, having been seen in a liquor store. Not only that, ALL the girls were banned from the local town center at lunchtime following complaints. An instruction to this effect was given by the Headmaster to the whole school, along with the punishment any girl disobeying the instructions could expect to receive. And now an example has to be made...

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Shop Together, Spanked Together SHOP TOGETHER, SPANKED TOGETHER
When James wife Adriana asked if her best friend, Ava, could accompany them on an out-of-town trip, rules were laid down and punishments for their transgression agreed upon. One monumental shopping expedition later, the rules are enforced and an extremely humiliating spanking is administered, to both Adriana AND her best friend!

The biggest surprise for Ava however, is not how her friend is punished, (and how she, too will soon be punished), but just how horny having her bottom smacked makes Adriana!

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The director of an exclusive tennis club and his wife have a disagreement over the appointment of a new tennis coach. Their opinion of the required attributes of a candidate for such a position differ sharply and there appears to be an underlying reason... Melody has designs the new appointee that go way beyond coaching! For her disloyalty and her behavior, Melody finds herself on the receiving end of a spanking.

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Mr Kennedy is incensed to learn that Apricot has been caught stealing. Even worse, Anna decided not to tell him about it. Feeling that the grounding given to Apricot is not nearly severe enough after a heated discussion with Anna, he gives the girl a good hiding. Anna is also not going to escape a similar fate.

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Alex is one of the cool kids at school and Bambi....is not! Wanting her daughter to be a little bit nicer, Alex's mom thinks it would be a good idea to ask that nice girl Bambi over to spend time with Alex. Alex spends time with Bambi all right, teaching her exactly where her place in the school hierarchy is: right at the bottom! And talking about the bottom, poor Bambi is ultimately humiliated by having hers well spanked!

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The Slipper - Part Two THE SLIPPER – PART TWO
The second in a series of four films exploring the one element of corporal punishment that survived the ending of the practice in UK state schools in the early 1980s: The Slipper! It was always common knowledge, although rarely talked about, that PE Mistresses (and Masters!), kept a slipper for on-the-spot motivation or punishment during PE classes, or sometimes afterwards in the changing room. The slipper itself was a plimsoll or gym shoe, almost always a large, gents example for maximum effectiveness and coverage. Here, Miss Reynolds has to deal with another lazy and recalcitrant, dressed for punishment in her PE Kit.
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The marriage of a film director to a film critic is never going to be a match made in heaven but when Erica's latest column of critical poison is poured all over Paul's latest release, the fallout is spectacular and lands squarely upon Erica's bottom!

This performance is Erica Scott at the very top of her game and illustrates perfectly why she fully deserves her legendary reputation!

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Disruptive In Class DISRUPTIVE IN CLASS 
Having been suspended and sent home from school for persistent disruptive behavior, schoolgirl Alex can expect a good spanking from Kelley, reinforced with a dose of the hairbrush.

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Exclusive Swiss finishing schools often send their prize students into the mountains to manage chalets for the wealthy skiers that flock there every season. The highest standards of housekeeping and cuisine are expected from the chalet girls and failure can have a major impact on their final grades.

Even given these high expectations, Maddy is quite unprepared for the expectations of Mr Kennedy, and his exceptionally shocking treatment and punishment of the poor girl when she fails to meet them.

We always do the most awful things to poor Maddy, who is a dear friend whom we love very much! This film is, we feel, truly exceptional, as was Maddy's performance in it.
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Luci is out of control and her desperate mother calls on the help of a somewhat experienced family friend to apply the only kind of discipline she thinks Luci will understand. After a severe and shocking dressing down, for the first time Luci truly experiences a long-threatened good hiding.

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You Know How This Works YOU KNOW HOW THIS WORKS!
On a trip with her stepmom, Rachel's tantrums inevitably earn her the spanking that lies at the end of Kelley's patience! Corner time is not undertaken with sufficient regard for instructions given and Rachel finds herself spanked once again!

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Ashley is on her way to boarding school, her parents having secured a lucrative contract to work abroad. Previously excited about the prospect of a new challenge, on the night before she starts the new school, and her parents fly out to make the family's fortune, Ashley has a change of heart. Exasperated with unreasonable behavior, having had six months and many opportunities to find alternatives, its time that Ashley learned a painful lesson in growing up and responsibility. So Ashleys first day in her new school uniform begins with her having her navy blue school knickers taken down for a well-deserved smacked bottom.

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Having loaned her car to her younger sister, Alex is furious to find out it has been ticketed and towed away. Upon her return from the tow-away yard, Lily is going to pay a price not in money for her carelessness. After spanking her soundly, Alex uses their fathers slipper on her bottom.

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Alex has taken time out to show her sister, Ava, and her friend Nuna around her college, which the girls will be attending next semester. With a busy schedule of accommodation-finding and tutor-meeting ahead of them, Alex is horrified to discover that the girls spent the previous evening touring the local bars and clubs! Hangovers notwithstanding, Alex decides that her little sister, and her friend, need a good spanking to teach them about responsibility.

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No Picnic! NO PICNIC!
Well films don't come much fresher than this one! We filmed this two days ago with Sarah here in LA, along with other spanking films plus content for our new project!

Sarah has been trespassing on a wealthy neighbor's land despite being repeatedly told not to. This time, Sarah is going to receive the spanking she was promised last time!

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The Matron's Alternative THE MATRON'S ALTERNATIVE
The Matron of a convalescent home has received a complaint about the conduct of two of her nurses. The complaint relates to the lack of respect shown to one Mr Osborne whom, according to his daughter, is teased mercilessly by these two girls and left to his own devices, not even served his tea and biscuits on time!

The complaint is somewhat puzzling, as we shall see. However, the punishment suggested by Matron Jessica and its subsequent application to Rosie and Jenna's bottoms seems to satisfy the complain, particularly when Mr Osborne gets to examine the results for himself! You have to feel sorry for the poor old chap!
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Mommy's Home MOMMY'S HOME!
Adriana has her best friend, Maddy, over to spend the night while the two girls babysit her little sister, Dorothy. Their mother is working an overnight shift at her office, and all three girls have gotten in their pajamas but made no motion towards going to bed.

This is still the case when mom, Kelley May, arrives home...at six in the morning! Kelley is thoroughly unimpressed. Adriana was supposed to be responsible enough to watch her sister and she let her stay up all night, Dorothy should have known better than to let her sister lead her astray and Maddy is a guest in their home who should not be participating in this disobedience, either.

No-nonsense Kelley lines all three girls up and pulls their pajamas and panties right down. Then, one by one, each girl goes over her knee for a hard, embarrassing bare bottom spanking, made worse by having two observers! Adriana and Maddy are humiliated to be being spanked at their age, and little Dorothy is distressed to be in trouble. But all three are soundly punished, then they are lined up together on the couch to be spanked together: only appropriate since they all got into trouble together. When Kelley is convinced that the girls have learned a lesson, they are sent off to bed. She is going to have to hire a babysitter next time!

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Thrill-seeker Harley has her attention grabbed by an ad in a magazine, promising an authentic schoolgirl caning experience. Never having suffered corporal punishment in her life but forever fascinated by stories of English schoolgirls getting the cane on their bottoms, a mix of terror and something else just as primal fills Harley as she completes the checklist with the kind Englishman in his waiting room. Given a school uniform, authentic right down to white cotton knickers, she is now past the point of no return. Nothing in Harley's fantasies quite prepares her for both the transformation in the nice Englishman and the total burning fire he will light on her bottom this afternoon.

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Stephen is livid at having to leave a business meeting to fetch MacKenzie home from her school trip. The cause? Having been bullied incessantly for some time, MacKenzie finally snapped and pushed one of the bullies. Unfortunately down some stairs and all the way to hospital! Learning the details, Stephens anger cools somewhat but nevertheless, violence is never the answer and to reinforce the point, MacKenzie will get a spanking and a rate visit to her bottom by the family strap before they depart on the long journey home. MacKenzie will not be sitting comfortably in the car for four hours!

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Everybody's (least!) favourite detective is back, much to temporary hotel receptionist Melody's dislike, and this is the first time she even met him! Having taken three tries and an age of man to check him in and find his room for him, Kennedy offers the Hotel Manager his services, almost free of charge, to provide some motivation in the form of a good spanking for his recalcitrant receptionist.

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Another in our Discipline series focusing on young tutor Apricot Pitts preparing her college students for their studies and life after college.

Harley Havik, having gained a first class honors degree with the aid of her diligent tutor, is now installed in a law firm as a successful young lawyer. When a new hire is appointed as her part time paralegal, Harley is astonished to discover its Apricot! Their reconciliation after so long parted is both painful and tender, with Harley coming to acknowledge and accept her need and desire for discipline and punishment. But not before Apricot receives a very surprising OTK spanking from her former student!
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When a pretty young con-artist knocks on his door, for the 10th time, Mr Kennedy feels he must administer some discipline, both for her own good and that of society in general!

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Another in our Discipline series focusing on young tutor Apricot Pitts preparing her college students for their studies and life after college. Here Harley Havik is receiving a comprehensive lesson in both corporal punishment and intimate personal relationships!

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Christmas is a time for families to be together. There are exceptions though and these two sisters, Ami and Alex, appear to be one such. If the Christmas spirit is comprised of violent destruction and painful retribution, these two are full of it and I would not want to be around when they are opening their presents! Personally, I blame the parents...!

Happy Christmas to all our members and the wonderful people we have had the pleasure of working with in 2017. We have big plans for next year and we look forward to sharing them with you all. With love and best wishes from Alex & Paul.
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Paul returns home to discover that Whitney has succumbed once again to her obsession with the latest trends. Only this time, there is a direct victim: Darius. Darius looks like a chicken. Darius is to be in a family portrait tomorrow. Warmth is something that poor Darius will be lacking for some time but with which Whitney, or at least Whitney's bottom, is about to become intimately familiar!

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What Miss Reynolds discovers on entering the senior girls common room goes far, far beyond things schoolgirls should not be doing at school! Kassia is at least shocked and very apologetic while her blatant indecency is rewarded with a spanking and a taste of the paddle. Are her promises never to masturbate in school again to be believed? We shall have to wait and see. I don't think we will be waiting very long!

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Its over two years since we last visited Miss Chris in her “progressive” medical clinic. When asked about the apparent hiatus in her career, Miss Chris, or “Matron” as she insists on being addressed, offered no comment but it is widely believed that whatever medical qualification she previously held had been suspended. A previous employee of the clinic, a nurse by the name of Jenni Mack denied allegations of charlatanism and quackery and, indeed, confirmed that Miss Chris treatment was surprisingly effective.
Here we are lucky enough to able to watch Miss Chris in the process of inducting a new member of staff. While we cannot be certain of the medical outcome of the treatment she will undoubtedly administer, we would put money on the physiological effects being a very sore bottom indeed for Nurse Aleesha Fox!
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There is uproar in the household when Anabelle uses up the entire family's data allowance downloading films and games to her phone. Something must be done and as head of the household, it falls to Mr Kennedy to give the datahog a good spanking!

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How Bad Can It Be? HOW BAD CAN IT BE?
Schoolgirls Alex and Christy have been told to expect a severe and exemplary punishment at school for bullying a younger girl to the point of injury. The night before the punishment, they decide to experiment to find out exactly how bad it will be. Having inserted the ginger root the girls firstly discover some, err, retention difficulties! Proceeding to spank and cane each other the combined effect of a double dose of heat bith on and in their bottoms, has a somewhat surprising effect...

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I Hate Cheerleading

Fan-favorite Dorothy Burnett is seen as a cheerleader for the first time in this adorable film. College girl Alex volunteers to help chaperone the younger students on their cheerleading competitions, but feisty Dorothy has been giving her a hard time. Her behavior crossed the line when she spent an entire trip to another school being sullen and poorly behaved...and didn't even bother to show up on stage during one of the routines. 

Dorothy makes it very clear that she doesn't want to be doing cheerleading and only does it because her parents make her, and she seems to have little respect for Alex's authority when she throws herself on the couch kicking her feet and whining as she gets scolded. Alex knows that the threat to kick her off the team won't change Dorothy's behavior: in fact, it's probably what she's after. Maybe putting the petite little brat over her knee and giving her a good spanking will teach her how to behave properly? Her smirks and eye-rolls make this seem unlikely. Will anything get through to this girl? Hopefully a hard punishment on her bare bottom will bring her into line. 

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On a family reunion vacation, with both her parents unable to attend, Angel's supervision is entrusted to senior members of her family. When her general misbehavior around the country club hotel reaches the point of actually putting lives in danger, straws are drawn to decide who will punish the wayward young lady, using the method the nominated individual feels most appropriate. Unfortunately for Angel, Mr Kennedy draws the short straw and for Angel that means a spanking and Mr Kennedy's cane across her bottom.

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We continue to follow the story of Professor Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts) and her favorite student, Harley Havik. Although Harley has graduated college now, her very close relationship with Jane remains an important part of her life. When Harley gets into a fight with her mother over their summer vacation plans, she comes over to Jane's house to seek advice. 

Upon arrival, Harley and Jane kiss and enjoy a tender moment, and then Harley goes directly over Jane's knee. Jane starts spanking her former student with a leather paddle right away, knowing that this is what Harley needs. After a minute or so, she stops to ask Harley to tell her more about what happened and why she deserves a spanking. Harley explains that her mother wants to take her on vacation for two weeks but that she doesn't want to go so that she can spend time with her new boyfriend. She admits to having cursed at her mother while she was upset. 

Jane is not impressed, and she begins to spank Harley much harder while scolding her about respecting her mother and not being selfish. Harley is obviously regretful, whimpering and whining over Jane's knee while she receives a long, hard spanking. Despite the punitive nature of the spanking, Harley can't help but let her legs open more and more throughout the punishment. 

Jane decides that Harley requires further punishment, so she makes her bend over the arm of the sofa with her head down low by the ground and her bottom high and on display. She then gives the sorry girl eighteen strokes of the cane in this position. 

Harley is apologetic and obviously well punished, but she's still hungry for some affection from Jane. She tries to kiss her former teacher, but Jane scolds her again and tells her that this time, she has to go home and apologize. The special attention that Harley desires is only for good girls.

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Alex is left alone in the changing rooms after everyone else has gone to PE class. She has stolen one of the schools Pickelball paddles and has decided to experiment with it a little bit. She has often fantasized about being spanked with the wooden racquet, so she decides to give herself a few swats over her tight, baby blue PE knickers, just to see how it feels. Kneeling on all fours on the table, she paddles her own bottom until she starts to feel very aroused. Overcome with the intense feelings between her legs, she decides that its worth the risk to slip her hand inside her PE knickers and pleasure herself, right there in the changing room.

Unfortunately for Alex, her absence has been noted, and the Games Mistress is busy teaching class, so she has sent the male PE teacher in to check on Alex as a favor. Mr Kennedy is unimpressed with what he walks in on, and decides to show Alex exactly how the Pickleball paddle really feels... after smacking her bare bottom with his hand first.
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After being late for school for the umpteenth time plus poor behavior in class, Sunnie is taken to task for her attitude and given a good spanking, with dire warnings about any repetition and the consequences thereof.

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University student Harley is once again at the home of her professor, Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts). This time, she's in big trouble. Although Harley has worked hard and earned the title of valedictorian, she's really let her advisor down by showing up to her graduation meeting with the dean late...over twenty minutes late. 

Jane scolds Harley for this thoughtless behavior and then orders her over her knee for a spanking with a leather strap. Harley whines and wriggles as the leather bites into her bottom over and over again, and Jane's disapointment in her hurts even more. Harley knows that she's going to be getting caned again and gets into position without a fight. This time, she receives 24 strokes-- one for every minute that she was late. She cries out with each stroke, but can't help but feel a certain kind of excitement at being punished. 

Jane knows that showing up late to something like this isn't like Harley, though, and she asks her if she misbehaved on purpose just to get spanked again. Harley admits that she's been lonely and craving physical contact since her boyfriend broke up with her recently. Jane first kisses Harley's face to soothe her...then the action turns to something else. She brings Harley into her bedroom to rub oil onto her bottom again, but this time, one thing leads to another and soon her pretty protege is entirely undressed and Jane has stripped out of her business attire to reveal a sexy black bra and panty set. She kisses Harley passionately, plays with her breasts and lets her hands wander to exactly where Harley wants them to be. Soon, both young women are naked together. Harley is delighted as her professor begins to explore her body: kissing, licking and touching in ways that Harley never expected. Soon, she comes to a loud orgasm and collapses into cuddles on the bed. This was exactly what she needed, and it looks like it was for Jane, too. 

This is the most explicit film that Harley Havik has ever done, and we're sure you'll love seeing her in this very sexy and intimate light. Apricot has experience with this kind of movie and shines as the sexy professor who helps her student explore her hidden desires. This is not one to miss!

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Maddy's Audition MADDY'S AUDITION
Aspiring actress Maddy Marks is hoping for a big break when her agent sends her meet casting director Alex Reynolds. Alex works for one of the biggest companies in this genre, with plenty of opportunities for TV and film work, and Maddys agent told her that she has a good chance at being signed into a contract to work regularly with the company.

When Ms. Reynolds appears, however, she is dressed in a sexy, form fitting black dress and carrying a wooden paddle. This was not what Maddy was expecting. Alex tells the nervous girl that in order to be given the coveted contract, Maddy will have to do everything that Alex says for the duration of her audition. This starts right away, with the casting director forcing her legs open and fondling the girl over her pink polkadot panties. When Maddy flinches at this unexpected and violating touch, Alex smacks her on the insides of both her thighs. This is how the audition is going to go, whether she likes it or not. 

You can watch exactly what happens on Ms. Reynolds casting couch since she has installed a sneaky little hidden camera, so she can later look back and enjoy the fond memories of spanking, fondling, undressing and paddling sweet, innocent girls like Maddy. We are pretty sure that you, too, will want to see just how much young Miss Marks squeals and cries when her thighs are smacked, or her look of terror when her dress is unzipped, or how hard she tries to stay in position for hard, entirely undeserved paddle swats to her bare bottom. 

Do not worry, we are prepared to share. But remember: you must not tell anyone about what happens in Ms. Reynolds casting office.

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Alex and Linny's parents have gone away to a wedding and left the girls at home. Alex, being older, feels that she's in charge of her little sister and is ready to prove it. So when Linny invites her friends Ally and Cupcake to spend the night, Alex is not impressed. Eager to demonstrate her authority, she tells Linny that she's going to be punished for throwing her slumber party without permission. Not wanting Alex to send her friends home, and worried that she might have enough authority to do so, Linny begrudgingly submits to the punishment: a bare bottom spanking over her big sister's knee while her friends watch. She's shocked, though, when Alex also spanks both Ally and Cupcake, one by one, in the same manner. With sore, red bottoms, the girls are very subdued, and head quietly to bed, with only a few complaints that this wasn't fair at all.

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When Ginger and Koko arrive home after a girls night out, they are met by two angry husbands. The girls were supposed to call and get picked up but instead decided to walk home through a dangerous neighborhood. Ginger knows very well what happens to her when she is disobedient and careless with her own safety, she gets a trip across Pauls lap. And that is exactly what happens, right there in front of her best friend and her husband, James.

Not satisfied that his wayward wife has learned her lesson from a spanking, Paul takes his belt off to give Ginger a well-deserved leathering.

Having seen the effectiveness of this method of domestic discipline, James decides that Koko too should feel his hand on her bottom and she, too, gets a spanking. All in all a painful and embarrassing end to the evening for both girls. Perhaps they will be less careless in future? We can be sure that BOTH girls will be able to compare notes on their punishments in future!
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Ashley Belle's mother, Alex Reynolds has taken her daughter with her on a business trip. Ashley promised to behave herself since she didn't want to stay home with a sitter. Instead, she's been nothing but a whiny brat for the entire trip. She constantly whines and interrupts her mother, who is trying to work and prepare for a meeting that afternoon. Eventually her bratty complaints get to be too much and mom has had it: she pulls a heavy, ebony hairbrush out of her purse and let's Ashley know that she's really crossed the line. Ashley is instantly all apologies, but it doesn't do her any good. Her strict but caring mother puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and that wicked hairbrush. Ashley is going to be a much better behaved girl for the rest of this trip now that she's been reminded that her mother means business! 

This is new model Ashley's premier film, and we are so glad to welcome her!

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Borstal Girls: Forbidden Activity BORSTAL GIRLS: FORBIDDEN ACTIVITY
The latest in our short series of films imagining the kind of young offender's institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates.

Amber seems to have a love/hate relationship with the corporal punishment frequently employed and, after having her bottom soundly smacked by Mr Kennedy for her laziness, Amber finds an empty common area in which to furiously masturbate at the memory of the recent spanking. Unfortunately(?) for her, she is caught by Miss West and receives a strapping for her dirty, wicked behaviour!

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Copied outfits and borrowed routines are at issue between friends and competitors Alex and Kitten. Alex feels the only way she can feel compensated for an unfair loss is to give her friend a good spanking!

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A traditional bedtime story! One where Anabelle has been a very rude and disrespectful young lady. Sent to bed to await a stern punishment and a telling off. A good smacked bottom should drive the lesson home.

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