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Ashley is visited by the hotel manager who wants to have a word with her. She 's attending an anime convention in the hotel, and has gotten a number of complaints. It seems that Ashley has been trying to do room charges at the hotel bar and restaurants by simply writing random rooms that are not her own. The hotel manager knows it was her, because she wrote her real name: just a fake room number. Ashley doesn't want to get kicked out of the hotel and miss the rest of the event, so when that is suggested she asks him if there is some other way he can deal with this. Mr. Kennedy does, in fact, have another way of dealing with this problem, and spanking and caning a naughty girl in tight denim jeans, and out of them, is definitely not the worst afternoon he's had!

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Sisters Harley and Alex were given the gift of an arcade table from their rich uncle and their parents are sick of the girls bickering over it ever since. Paul is trying to sit and read quietly but the girls are fighting over the game and making a terrible racket. Finally, he has had enough and he tells the girls that since the game table is too big for him to take away, they are going to have to learn to get along while playing it. To help this process along, he returns with a clothes brush and bends each girl over the table in turn for a dose of it before sending them off to do something else. Something quiet.

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Having pulled strings to get his niece a nursing assistant position in the hospital where he is a consultant, Dr Kennedy feels rather let down when two incidents of abject unsuitability to the caring profession are brought to his attention. Whatever her future in medicine, Sunnie's immediate future holds a smacked bottom and a caning!

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Recently introduced, this is Lilly's first ever spanking film and we are delighted that she chose us to fulfill a long-held ambition. You will be seeing much more of this very naughty girl!

Based on real-life events, this one, with the identity of the culprit entirely unprotected as she is in no way innocent! Lilly's behavior at her friend's batchelorette (hen) party was utterly outrageous, including dancing drunkenly on the bar. Worse, Lilly had somehow 'forgotten' to wear panties for the evening!! This leads us to the next day, where a more sober conversation takes place between Lilly and a co-batchelorette, here played by Kelley May, in which Lilly is taken severely to task for her outrageous conduct and, eventually, upon completion of a rather thorough spanking with hand and hairbrush, a promise of better behavior, and an undertaking to wear knickers, is given. We are not informed as to whether these promises and undertakings were adhered to!
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For the third month in a row, Marketing Executive Luci has failed to meet her sales targets. Called in to answer for her poor performance, Luci begs the Sales Manager for one more chance. There is, of course a way this can happen but it involves Luci having to bare her bottoms spanked. Her absence of outrage, shock or even more than mild surprise at this news confirms something Mr Kennedy suspected abut this naughty young lady. Further confirmation comes from Luci as the spanking proceeds and she becomes increasingly aroused. What further effect will the application of the tawse to her bottom elicit? It is likely that, going forward, Luci will have to have her performance reviewed weekly.

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Alex asked her sister to cover for her when she sneaked out to see her boyfriend. Anabelle's attempt at this was less half-hearted and more non-existent, resulting in Alex getting a spanking. Here we see what happens when Alex takes her revenge.

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Skyler Rose is a very talented cheerleader. And she knows it! Her propensity for giving unsolicited advice to her (competition-winning!) Coach has finally become old and words have been had with Mr Kennedy, who decides its time to take Skyler down a peg or two. Skyler gets a well-deserved spanking and a taste of the belt across her bottom for her cheeky behavior.

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Senior girl Sydney has been returned to school, having been seen in a liquor store. Not only that, ALL the girls were banned from the local town center at lunchtime following complaints. An instruction to this effect was given by the Headmaster to the whole school, along with the punishment any girl disobeying the instructions could expect to receive. And now an example has to be made...

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Shop Together, Spanked Together SHOP TOGETHER, SPANKED TOGETHER
When James wife Adriana asked if her best friend, Ava, could accompany them on an out-of-town trip, rules were laid down and punishments for their transgression agreed upon. One monumental shopping expedition later, the rules are enforced and an extremely humiliating spanking is administered, to both Adriana AND her best friend!

The biggest surprise for Ava however, is not how her friend is punished, (and how she, too will soon be punished), but just how horny having her bottom smacked makes Adriana!

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Ami is forgetful. Its her principal failing and extremely frustrating to her Aunt Alex, who takes care of her. Ami gives her aunt frequent cause to discipline her, usually following Ami having forgotten something. Firstly its her PE Kit, which results in Ami getting slippered by the PE Mistress and made to do Games in her little cotton training bra and knickers. A further slippering and a smacked bottom awaits Ami at home when Aunt Alex finds out via the inevitable note home. The humiliation of having to undress mid-punishment and don the missing PE Kit should drive the message home? Not so...

A few days later, Ami hopelessly fails a very important test. A test on a subject at which she excels. Ami forgot about the test and failed to revise for it. This is quite beyond Aunt Alex and, in desperation, she seeks outside help in applying a lasting disciplinary reminder to Ami's bottom. Down the street lives an acquaintance of Aunt Alex, one of the Senior Masters at the Boys Academy, the sister-school to the one Ami attends. The girls school does not employ corporal punishment beyond the PE Mistress's slipper. Not so for the boys. Punishment is frequent and severe and usually involves a beating, which is where Senior Master Kennedy, his cane and forgetful young Ami's bottom intersect.

Ami is given a thrashing she will never forget.

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Maddy Marks is brought home from soccer by her mom, Kelley May. Her mom is upset because Maddy was scolded by her coach for being too aggressive on the field. Maddy received a yellow card in the last game for this same reason, and Kelley is very unhappy about it. She is even less happy with the fact that Maddy had a serious attitude towards the coach when she was scolded, not realizing that her mother was listening! Maddy shows a little attitude at home now, too, insisting that aggression wins matches. She rolls her eyes at the suggestion that hard work, practice, and skill win matches instead.

Kelley has had enough and takes Maddy over her lap. She begins by spanking her daughter over her tight fitting athletic shorts, then moves on to punish her on top of her royal blue briefs. Ultimately, though, its a bare bottom spanking for Maddy, and even that is not enough to satisfy her strict mom. Kelley sends Maddy to get her fathers belt from the other room. She proceeds to make Maddy kneel on the sofa while she delivers a hard, fast, and unforgettable belt whipping to her gorgeous, round bottom. Maddy cries out and whimpers as she learns her lesson. In the end, she promises to be better behaved at practice and on the field while hugging her mom. 

This film is perfect for those of you with soccer on the brain right now. Even those totally disinterested in sports will love seeing fan-favorite Maddy in her skin tight shorts. Of course, Kelley May is never to be missed, striking the perfect balance of strict and caring while giving a precise and thorough punishment with the belt.

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The director of an exclusive tennis club and his wife have a disagreement over the appointment of a new tennis coach. Their opinion of the required attributes of a candidate for such a position differ sharply and there appears to be an underlying reason... Melody has designs the new appointee that go way beyond coaching! For her disloyalty and her behavior, Melody finds herself on the receiving end of a spanking.

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Mr Kennedy is incensed to learn that Apricot has been caught stealing. Even worse, Anna decided not to tell him about it. Feeling that the grounding given to Apricot is not nearly severe enough after a heated discussion with Anna, he gives the girl a good hiding. Anna is also not going to escape a similar fate.

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Breaking into the home of the Coach of a rival school tennis team, intent on sabotage, has serious consequences for Alex Reynolds, in terms of the outcome of the match and for her bottom!

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Returning home from school to find her stepmom clutching her latest test results and a hairbrush, Lizzy discovers that an A Minus is sometimes not good enough, especially when the cause of this terrible failure is procrastination and goofing off. Lizzy will learn to give more attention to her schoolwork after a sore smacked bottom.

A close friend of Maddy Marks, this is Lizzy's first ever spanking film and we are delighted to welcome her in traditional fashion!

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Alex is one of the cool kids at school and Bambi....is not! Wanting her daughter to be a little bit nicer, Alex's mom thinks it would be a good idea to ask that nice girl Bambi over to spend time with Alex. Alex spends time with Bambi all right, teaching her exactly where her place in the school hierarchy is: right at the bottom! And talking about the bottom, poor Bambi is ultimately humiliated by having hers well spanked!

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Kitty is forever having to be collected from places that can either no longer tolerate her (mis)behavior or where she should not be in the first place. This afternoon Paul has to retrieve her from the local tennis club, where she has been using a stolen membership card to gain access for the last several weeks. And a stolen racket to actually play! All is not quite as it seems however. What started as a lark has revealed an actual talent for the game and likely a lifeline to rescue the girl from her delinquent behavior. Legitimate membership will cost serious money however and there is still a sound spanking in her future for her deviousness.

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The Slipper - Part Two THE SLIPPER – PART TWO
The second in a series of four films exploring the one element of corporal punishment that survived the ending of the practice in UK state schools in the early 1980s: The Slipper! It was always common knowledge, although rarely talked about, that PE Mistresses (and Masters!), kept a slipper for on-the-spot motivation or punishment during PE classes, or sometimes afterwards in the changing room. The slipper itself was a plimsoll or gym shoe, almost always a large, gents example for maximum effectiveness and coverage. Here, Miss Reynolds has to deal with another lazy and recalcitrant, dressed for punishment in her PE Kit.
Warning: This film may evoke painful memories for viewers of a certain vintage!Preview FilmPreview Image GalleryJoin
The marriage of a film director to a film critic is never going to be a match made in heaven but when Erica's latest column of critical poison is poured all over Paul's latest release, the fallout is spectacular and lands squarely upon Erica's bottom!

This performance is Erica Scott at the very top of her game and illustrates perfectly why she fully deserves her legendary reputation!

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Disruptive In Class DISRUPTIVE IN CLASS 
Having been suspended and sent home from school for persistent disruptive behavior, schoolgirl Alex can expect a good spanking from Kelley, reinforced with a dose of the hairbrush.

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Exclusive Swiss finishing schools often send their prize students into the mountains to manage chalets for the wealthy skiers that flock there every season. The highest standards of housekeeping and cuisine are expected from the chalet girls and failure can have a major impact on their final grades.

Even given these high expectations, Maddy is quite unprepared for the expectations of Mr Kennedy, and his exceptionally shocking treatment and punishment of the poor girl when she fails to meet them.

We always do the most awful things to poor Maddy, who is a dear friend whom we love very much! This film is, we feel, truly exceptional, as was Maddy's performance in it.
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Apricot has noisy parties regularly and the ensuing complaints seem likely to get her and her housemate, Harley, kicked out of their college accommodation. Harley is settled into her studies and is not prepared to have her education disrupted by Apricot the party animal. To try to restore order, she resorts to a form of punishment she feels Apricot would have benefited from much earlier in her life!

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Luci is out of control and her desperate mother calls on the help of a somewhat experienced family friend to apply the only kind of discipline she thinks Luci will understand. After a severe and shocking dressing down, for the first time Luci truly experiences a long-threatened good hiding.

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You Know How This Works YOU KNOW HOW THIS WORKS!
On a trip with her stepmom, Rachel's tantrums inevitably earn her the spanking that lies at the end of Kelley's patience! Corner time is not undertaken with sufficient regard for instructions given and Rachel finds herself spanked once again!

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Ashley is on her way to boarding school, her parents having secured a lucrative contract to work abroad. Previously excited about the prospect of a new challenge, on the night before she starts the new school, and her parents fly out to make the family's fortune, Ashley has a change of heart. Exasperated with unreasonable behavior, having had six months and many opportunities to find alternatives, its time that Ashley learned a painful lesson in growing up and responsibility. So Ashleys first day in her new school uniform begins with her having her navy blue school knickers taken down for a well-deserved smacked bottom.

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Having loaned her car to her younger sister, Alex is furious to find out it has been ticketed and towed away. Upon her return from the tow-away yard, Lily is going to pay a price not in money for her carelessness. After spanking her soundly, Alex uses their fathers slipper on her bottom.

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Alex has taken time out to show her sister, Ava, and her friend Nuna around her college, which the girls will be attending next semester. With a busy schedule of accommodation-finding and tutor-meeting ahead of them, Alex is horrified to discover that the girls spent the previous evening touring the local bars and clubs! Hangovers notwithstanding, Alex decides that her little sister, and her friend, need a good spanking to teach them about responsibility.

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No Picnic! NO PICNIC!
Well films don't come much fresher than this one! We filmed this two days ago with Sarah here in LA, along with other spanking films plus content for our new project!

Sarah has been trespassing on a wealthy neighbor's land despite being repeatedly told not to. This time, Sarah is going to receive the spanking she was promised last time!

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The Matron's Alternative THE MATRON'S ALTERNATIVE
The Matron of a convalescent home has received a complaint about the conduct of two of her nurses. The complaint relates to the lack of respect shown to one Mr Osborne whom, according to his daughter, is teased mercilessly by these two girls and left to his own devices, not even served his tea and biscuits on time!

The complaint is somewhat puzzling, as we shall see. However, the punishment suggested by Matron Jessica and its subsequent application to Rosie and Jenna's bottoms seems to satisfy the complain, particularly when Mr Osborne gets to examine the results for himself! You have to feel sorry for the poor old chap!
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Mommy's Home MOMMY'S HOME!
Adriana has her best friend, Maddy, over to spend the night while the two girls babysit her little sister, Dorothy. Their mother is working an overnight shift at her office, and all three girls have gotten in their pajamas but made no motion towards going to bed.

This is still the case when mom, Kelley May, arrives home...at six in the morning! Kelley is thoroughly unimpressed. Adriana was supposed to be responsible enough to watch her sister and she let her stay up all night, Dorothy should have known better than to let her sister lead her astray and Maddy is a guest in their home who should not be participating in this disobedience, either.

No-nonsense Kelley lines all three girls up and pulls their pajamas and panties right down. Then, one by one, each girl goes over her knee for a hard, embarrassing bare bottom spanking, made worse by having two observers! Adriana and Maddy are humiliated to be being spanked at their age, and little Dorothy is distressed to be in trouble. But all three are soundly punished, then they are lined up together on the couch to be spanked together: only appropriate since they all got into trouble together. When Kelley is convinced that the girls have learned a lesson, they are sent off to bed. She is going to have to hire a babysitter next time!

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Thrill-seeker Harley has her attention grabbed by an ad in a magazine, promising an authentic schoolgirl caning experience. Never having suffered corporal punishment in her life but forever fascinated by stories of English schoolgirls getting the cane on their bottoms, a mix of terror and something else just as primal fills Harley as she completes the checklist with the kind Englishman in his waiting room. Given a school uniform, authentic right down to white cotton knickers, she is now past the point of no return. Nothing in Harley's fantasies quite prepares her for both the transformation in the nice Englishman and the total burning fire he will light on her bottom this afternoon.

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Schoolgirl Alex doesn't look very sick when her mother comes home unexpectedly. Lazing in her PJ's and plugged-in to her phone as ever, its time for some home truths and a bit of honesty, which can be extracted by a smacked bottom and a good slippering.

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Stephen is livid at having to leave a business meeting to fetch MacKenzie home from her school trip. The cause? Having been bullied incessantly for some time, MacKenzie finally snapped and pushed one of the bullies. Unfortunately down some stairs and all the way to hospital! Learning the details, Stephens anger cools somewhat but nevertheless, violence is never the answer and to reinforce the point, MacKenzie will get a spanking and a rate visit to her bottom by the family strap before they depart on the long journey home. MacKenzie will not be sitting comfortably in the car for four hours!

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Everybody's (least!) favourite detective is back, much to temporary hotel receptionist Melody's dislike, and this is the first time she even met him! Having taken three tries and an age of man to check him in and find his room for him, Kennedy offers the Hotel Manager his services, almost free of charge, to provide some motivation in the form of a good spanking for his recalcitrant receptionist.

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Another in our Discipline series focusing on young tutor Apricot Pitts preparing her college students for their studies and life after college.

Harley Havik, having gained a first class honors degree with the aid of her diligent tutor, is now installed in a law firm as a successful young lawyer. When a new hire is appointed as her part time paralegal, Harley is astonished to discover its Apricot! Their reconciliation after so long parted is both painful and tender, with Harley coming to acknowledge and accept her need and desire for discipline and punishment. But not before Apricot receives a very surprising OTK spanking from her former student!
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When a pretty young con-artist knocks on his door, for the 10th time, Mr Kennedy feels he must administer some discipline, both for her own good and that of society in general!

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Another in our Discipline series focusing on young tutor Apricot Pitts preparing her college students for their studies and life after college. Here Harley Havik is receiving a comprehensive lesson in both corporal punishment and intimate personal relationships!

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Christmas is a time for families to be together. There are exceptions though and these two sisters, Ami and Alex, appear to be one such. If the Christmas spirit is comprised of violent destruction and painful retribution, these two are full of it and I would not want to be around when they are opening their presents! Personally, I blame the parents...!

Happy Christmas to all our members and the wonderful people we have had the pleasure of working with in 2017. We have big plans for next year and we look forward to sharing them with you all. With love and best wishes from Alex & Paul.
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Paul returns home to discover that Whitney has succumbed once again to her obsession with the latest trends. Only this time, there is a direct victim: Darius. Darius looks like a chicken. Darius is to be in a family portrait tomorrow. Warmth is something that poor Darius will be lacking for some time but with which Whitney, or at least Whitney's bottom, is about to become intimately familiar!

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What Miss Reynolds discovers on entering the senior girls common room goes far, far beyond things schoolgirls should not be doing at school! Kassia is at least shocked and very apologetic while her blatant indecency is rewarded with a spanking and a taste of the paddle. Are her promises never to masturbate in school again to be believed? We shall have to wait and see. I don't think we will be waiting very long!

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Having been disciplined for rudeness already this week, more than once, Linny finds herself once again in her nightie and knickers, awaiting a sore bottom at bedtime. First however there is a fearsome lecture which will have her in tears. Then Linny discovers that she is in for real good hiding and with her panties down too. Hopefully this will make her a better girl in future.

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Its over two years since we last visited Miss Chris in her “progressive” medical clinic. When asked about the apparent hiatus in her career, Miss Chris, or “Matron” as she insists on being addressed, offered no comment but it is widely believed that whatever medical qualification she previously held had been suspended. A previous employee of the clinic, a nurse by the name of Jenni Mack denied allegations of charlatanism and quackery and, indeed, confirmed that Miss Chris treatment was surprisingly effective.
Here we are lucky enough to able to watch Miss Chris in the process of inducting a new member of staff. While we cannot be certain of the medical outcome of the treatment she will undoubtedly administer, we would put money on the physiological effects being a very sore bottom indeed for Nurse Aleesha Fox!
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There is uproar in the household when Anabelle uses up the entire family's data allowance downloading films and games to her phone. Something must be done and as head of the household, it falls to Mr Kennedy to give the datahog a good spanking!

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How Bad Can It Be? HOW BAD CAN IT BE?
Schoolgirls Alex and Christy have been told to expect a severe and exemplary punishment at school for bullying a younger girl to the point of injury. The night before the punishment, they decide to experiment to find out exactly how bad it will be. Having inserted the ginger root the girls firstly discover some, err, retention difficulties! Proceeding to spank and cane each other the combined effect of a double dose of heat bith on and in their bottoms, has a somewhat surprising effect...

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I Hate Cheerleading

Fan-favorite Dorothy Burnett is seen as a cheerleader for the first time in this adorable film. College girl Alex volunteers to help chaperone the younger students on their cheerleading competitions, but feisty Dorothy has been giving her a hard time. Her behavior crossed the line when she spent an entire trip to another school being sullen and poorly behaved...and didn't even bother to show up on stage during one of the routines. 

Dorothy makes it very clear that she doesn't want to be doing cheerleading and only does it because her parents make her, and she seems to have little respect for Alex's authority when she throws herself on the couch kicking her feet and whining as she gets scolded. Alex knows that the threat to kick her off the team won't change Dorothy's behavior: in fact, it's probably what she's after. Maybe putting the petite little brat over her knee and giving her a good spanking will teach her how to behave properly? Her smirks and eye-rolls make this seem unlikely. Will anything get through to this girl? Hopefully a hard punishment on her bare bottom will bring her into line. 

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On a family reunion vacation, with both her parents unable to attend, Angel's supervision is entrusted to senior members of her family. When her general misbehavior around the country club hotel reaches the point of actually putting lives in danger, straws are drawn to decide who will punish the wayward young lady, using the method the nominated individual feels most appropriate. Unfortunately for Angel, Mr Kennedy draws the short straw and for Angel that means a spanking and Mr Kennedy's cane across her bottom.

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We continue to follow the story of Professor Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts) and her favorite student, Harley Havik. Although Harley has graduated college now, her very close relationship with Jane remains an important part of her life. When Harley gets into a fight with her mother over their summer vacation plans, she comes over to Jane's house to seek advice. 

Upon arrival, Harley and Jane kiss and enjoy a tender moment, and then Harley goes directly over Jane's knee. Jane starts spanking her former student with a leather paddle right away, knowing that this is what Harley needs. After a minute or so, she stops to ask Harley to tell her more about what happened and why she deserves a spanking. Harley explains that her mother wants to take her on vacation for two weeks but that she doesn't want to go so that she can spend time with her new boyfriend. She admits to having cursed at her mother while she was upset. 

Jane is not impressed, and she begins to spank Harley much harder while scolding her about respecting her mother and not being selfish. Harley is obviously regretful, whimpering and whining over Jane's knee while she receives a long, hard spanking. Despite the punitive nature of the spanking, Harley can't help but let her legs open more and more throughout the punishment. 

Jane decides that Harley requires further punishment, so she makes her bend over the arm of the sofa with her head down low by the ground and her bottom high and on display. She then gives the sorry girl eighteen strokes of the cane in this position. 

Harley is apologetic and obviously well punished, but she's still hungry for some affection from Jane. She tries to kiss her former teacher, but Jane scolds her again and tells her that this time, she has to go home and apologize. The special attention that Harley desires is only for good girls.

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Alex is left alone in the changing rooms after everyone else has gone to PE class. She has stolen one of the schools Pickelball paddles and has decided to experiment with it a little bit. She has often fantasized about being spanked with the wooden racquet, so she decides to give herself a few swats over her tight, baby blue PE knickers, just to see how it feels. Kneeling on all fours on the table, she paddles her own bottom until she starts to feel very aroused. Overcome with the intense feelings between her legs, she decides that its worth the risk to slip her hand inside her PE knickers and pleasure herself, right there in the changing room.

Unfortunately for Alex, her absence has been noted, and the Games Mistress is busy teaching class, so she has sent the male PE teacher in to check on Alex as a favor. Mr Kennedy is unimpressed with what he walks in on, and decides to show Alex exactly how the Pickleball paddle really feels... after smacking her bare bottom with his hand first.
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After being late for school for the umpteenth time plus poor behavior in class, Sunnie is taken to task for her attitude and given a good spanking, with dire warnings about any repetition and the consequences thereof.

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University student Harley is once again at the home of her professor, Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts). This time, she's in big trouble. Although Harley has worked hard and earned the title of valedictorian, she's really let her advisor down by showing up to her graduation meeting with the dean late...over twenty minutes late. 

Jane scolds Harley for this thoughtless behavior and then orders her over her knee for a spanking with a leather strap. Harley whines and wriggles as the leather bites into her bottom over and over again, and Jane's disapointment in her hurts even more. Harley knows that she's going to be getting caned again and gets into position without a fight. This time, she receives 24 strokes-- one for every minute that she was late. She cries out with each stroke, but can't help but feel a certain kind of excitement at being punished. 

Jane knows that showing up late to something like this isn't like Harley, though, and she asks her if she misbehaved on purpose just to get spanked again. Harley admits that she's been lonely and craving physical contact since her boyfriend broke up with her recently. Jane first kisses Harley's face to soothe her...then the action turns to something else. She brings Harley into her bedroom to rub oil onto her bottom again, but this time, one thing leads to another and soon her pretty protege is entirely undressed and Jane has stripped out of her business attire to reveal a sexy black bra and panty set. She kisses Harley passionately, plays with her breasts and lets her hands wander to exactly where Harley wants them to be. Soon, both young women are naked together. Harley is delighted as her professor begins to explore her body: kissing, licking and touching in ways that Harley never expected. Soon, she comes to a loud orgasm and collapses into cuddles on the bed. This was exactly what she needed, and it looks like it was for Jane, too. 

This is the most explicit film that Harley Havik has ever done, and we're sure you'll love seeing her in this very sexy and intimate light. Apricot has experience with this kind of movie and shines as the sexy professor who helps her student explore her hidden desires. This is not one to miss!

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Maddy's Audition MADDY'S AUDITION
Aspiring actress Maddy Marks is hoping for a big break when her agent sends her meet casting director Alex Reynolds. Alex works for one of the biggest companies in this genre, with plenty of opportunities for TV and film work, and Maddys agent told her that she has a good chance at being signed into a contract to work regularly with the company.

When Ms. Reynolds appears, however, she is dressed in a sexy, form fitting black dress and carrying a wooden paddle. This was not what Maddy was expecting. Alex tells the nervous girl that in order to be given the coveted contract, Maddy will have to do everything that Alex says for the duration of her audition. This starts right away, with the casting director forcing her legs open and fondling the girl over her pink polkadot panties. When Maddy flinches at this unexpected and violating touch, Alex smacks her on the insides of both her thighs. This is how the audition is going to go, whether she likes it or not. 

You can watch exactly what happens on Ms. Reynolds casting couch since she has installed a sneaky little hidden camera, so she can later look back and enjoy the fond memories of spanking, fondling, undressing and paddling sweet, innocent girls like Maddy. We are pretty sure that you, too, will want to see just how much young Miss Marks squeals and cries when her thighs are smacked, or her look of terror when her dress is unzipped, or how hard she tries to stay in position for hard, entirely undeserved paddle swats to her bare bottom. 

Do not worry, we are prepared to share. But remember: you must not tell anyone about what happens in Ms. Reynolds casting office.

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Alex and Linny's parents have gone away to a wedding and left the girls at home. Alex, being older, feels that she's in charge of her little sister and is ready to prove it. So when Linny invites her friends Ally and Cupcake to spend the night, Alex is not impressed. Eager to demonstrate her authority, she tells Linny that she's going to be punished for throwing her slumber party without permission. Not wanting Alex to send her friends home, and worried that she might have enough authority to do so, Linny begrudgingly submits to the punishment: a bare bottom spanking over her big sister's knee while her friends watch. She's shocked, though, when Alex also spanks both Ally and Cupcake, one by one, in the same manner. With sore, red bottoms, the girls are very subdued, and head quietly to bed, with only a few complaints that this wasn't fair at all.

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Harley Havik is a bright and promising college student in her senior year, but recently her grades have started to slip. Her advisor, Jane Carson (played by Apricot Pitts) calls her to her home for a private meeting. She tells Harley that though her grades are still not that bad, they are nowhere near the standard that she expects from her star pupil. Harley has no good reason for slacking and can't explain the drop in her grades, so Jane tells her what she thinks the solution to this problem is: old fashioned discipline, over her knee.

Harley has never been spanked before, so she's apprehensive to go across her young and pretty professor's lap, but she does so without argument: she doesn't want to disappoint her advisor even more. Jane spanks her with a leather strap over her white panties for a long time, making sure that Harley's bottom is glowing bright red around the edges of her knickers. Then, she pulls them down and gives her student a proper bare bottom spanking. Harley is obviously very effected by the spanking. While she cries out at first, her cries soon morph into moans, and her legs start growing more and more open as the spanking progresses. 

Jane isn't finished correcting Harley, though: she orders her up off her lap and bends her over the desk, where she shows Harley an implement that the girl will soon become very familiar with: the cane. Harley receives 18 strokes of the crook-handled school cane, leaving her bottom red and striped. She promises to be a good girl and do better in her studies, and Jane tells her that she must report back next week.

A week later, Harley is back in Jane's office, proudly showing off her completed work and test scores. She's done much better this time, and she knows it, but without being told to, she takes her jean shorts down and stands to one side of the chair where Jane spanked her last time. She looks apprehensive, but not necessarily in a bad way. Jane agrees that Harley needs to be spanked again, for...um...encouragement to keep up the good work. There is chemistry and tension between the young teacher and her gorgeous student as Harley is spanked over the knee. Once again, she opens her legs to invite a more sensual touch and moans when Jane runs her hands over her luscious body.

When the spanking is over, Jane leads Harley to the bedroom. She tells Harley that since she's been such a good girl, she'll get a reward. She does so by rubbing baby oil into her sore, red bottom. Harley moans and wriggles under Jane's tender touch. Hopefully, she'll be getting more spankings before the year is over.

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When Ginger and Koko arrive home after a girls night out, they are met by two angry husbands. The girls were supposed to call and get picked up but instead decided to walk home through a dangerous neighborhood. Ginger knows very well what happens to her when she is disobedient and careless with her own safety, she gets a trip across Pauls lap. And that is exactly what happens, right there in front of her best friend and her husband, James.

Not satisfied that his wayward wife has learned her lesson from a spanking, Paul takes his belt off to give Ginger a well-deserved leathering.

Having seen the effectiveness of this method of domestic discipline, James decides that Koko too should feel his hand on her bottom and she, too, gets a spanking. All in all a painful and embarrassing end to the evening for both girls. Perhaps they will be less careless in future? We can be sure that BOTH girls will be able to compare notes on their punishments in future!
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Ashley Belle's mother, Alex Reynolds has taken her daughter with her on a business trip. Ashley promised to behave herself since she didn't want to stay home with a sitter. Instead, she's been nothing but a whiny brat for the entire trip. She constantly whines and interrupts her mother, who is trying to work and prepare for a meeting that afternoon. Eventually her bratty complaints get to be too much and mom has had it: she pulls a heavy, ebony hairbrush out of her purse and let's Ashley know that she's really crossed the line. Ashley is instantly all apologies, but it doesn't do her any good. Her strict but caring mother puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and that wicked hairbrush. Ashley is going to be a much better behaved girl for the rest of this trip now that she's been reminded that her mother means business! 

This is new model Ashley's premier film, and we are so glad to welcome her!

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Having been observed smoking by a neighbor, schoolgirl Alex is in for a stern talking to when she gets home, along with a severe lesson on why smoking is bad for your health. A prolonged trip over her mother's lap for a good spanking and 20 swats with the paddle is proper punishment for a reckless girl.

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Borstal Girls: Forbidden Activity BORSTAL GIRLS: FORBIDDEN ACTIVITY
The latest in our short series of films imagining the kind of young offender's institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates.

Amber seems to have a love/hate relationship with the corporal punishment frequently employed and, after having her bottom soundly smacked by Mr Kennedy for her laziness, Amber finds an empty common area in which to furiously masturbate at the memory of the recent spanking. Unfortunately(?) for her, she is caught by Miss West and receives a strapping for her dirty, wicked behaviour!

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Copied outfits and borrowed routines are at issue between friends and competitors Alex and Kitten. Alex feels the only way she can feel compensated for an unfair loss is to give her friend a good spanking!

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A traditional bedtime story! One where Anabelle has been a very rude and disrespectful young lady. Sent to bed to await a stern punishment and a telling off. A good smacked bottom should drive the lesson home.

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Alex Reynolds has invited her friend Rococo to join their exclusive girls only tennis club. There are many benefits: she will be part of a close knit group of girls and participate in special events, once she has been through the initiation process. Rococo is hesitant, but wants to be part of the group, so she agrees even when Alex explains that the initiation includes spanking with her hand, a riding crop, a leather paddle and a wooden pickleball paddle. Nervous Rococo goes across Alex lap, but she quickly discovers that spanking is not all about pain. She finds the sting of Alex hand erotic, and does not mind in the least when Alex moves her into an open legged position. Her body gives away how much she likes it as much as her moans do, and Rococo is too turned on to be embarrassed when Alex spreads Rococo further to inspect her wetness. Each implement makes her petite bottom redder and her cries of pleasure louder, until eventually she comes just from the spanking. 

This lesbian spanking film is one of our most erotic, and leaves very little to the imagination. Rococo and Alex have amazing and sensual chemistry on camera together. It's even more special that Rococo came up with the initiation storyline herself!

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When in-home nurse Ami arrives to take care of Paul's elderly aunt, SEVEN HOURS late, there is a nasty shock in store for her, in the shape of a very angry Mr Kennedy. When he hears that her only excuse for neglecting both her job and his bed-bound relative is that Ami was out partying, he becomes incandescent! The old lady was a schoolteacher decades earlier and retains one or two mementos, including her trusty cane. Having had her leggings and her knickers taken down, her bottom spanked and caned hard, Ami had better take her job much more seriously in future.

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Frequent spankings at school having little effect on her behavior, Ava receives an unexpected visit from the school counselor, to help her study for upcoming exams. Counselor Kelley knows that Ava is a bright girl but that getting her to focus will require a little more than a smacked bottom. That is why the Counselor has brought her cane!

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Everyone in their town knows Alex Reynolds as a formidable business woman with a short temper and bristly attitude. Her brother's wife, Linny, however, is known for being quiet, sweet and demure. There's no one in town who doesn't like Linny...except for Alex, who has always suspected that no one could be quite as pure and innocent as everyone seems to think Linny is. So when her brother is out of the country on a long business trip and Alex goes snooping around to see if she can find any dirt on Linny, she feels vindicated and enraged when she discovers evidence that Linny is trying to sabotage the family business for her own gain. 

Not one to be messed with, Alex calls her sister-in-law over to confront her. She won't tell her brother what's been going on, but only if Linny accepts the punishment Alex feels she deserves. A bare bottom spanking over her knee is just the start of things. Alex has decided that, at least until her husband's return, Linny will have to serve as her maid and wear an embarrassingly diminutive maid's uniform, complete with a little hat. When Linny fails to pay attention to these details when serving coffee to Alex and Alex's husband, she is once again spanked hard, then further punished with a riding crop. 

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A Summer Of Spankings A SUMMER OF SPANKING
Having been sent home from summer camp for being disruptive, Daizy's parents have recruited Alex to babysit their wayward daughter, for the whole summer long! Daizy is no better behaved at home and Alex must make frequent use of the special dispensation given her to attempt to keep Daizy in line.

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My Special Agent
FBI Special Agent Paul Kennedy returns to his hotel room to discover something amiss. The door isn't locked, suggesting someone inside, so he enters carefully. When the intruder flips on the light, its not what he was expecting. Harley, the hotel owner's high school aged daughter is hiding in his bed, completely naked. 

Harley is used to getting what she wants, so she is surprised when Kennedy fails to respond to her advances, even when she assures him that she is 18. Suddenly vulnerable, she worries that he does not like her. He assures her that he likes her very much indeed, and he will show that he cares about her by giving her boundaries and limits. When he pulls the nude girl out of bed, she thinks that perhaps she is going to get what she desires after all, but is shocked when instead he pulls her across his lap for a spanking.

Harley has clearly never been punished before: her father is always too busy, hence her constant acting out, and has made up for it by giving her whatever she asks for, hence her spoiled attitude. The spanking she receives on her bare bottom hurts and makes her cry out and kick, but she cannot deny that it makes her feel safe and secure to be held accountable and taken in hand. Maybe Agent Kennedy is right and this is exactly what she needed.

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This film features Sarah Gregory and John Osborne, our good friends and hosts at this weekend's Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, Texas, which both Alex and I are attending.

On a school Geography field trip to Las Vegas, (funny how many of those there are!), Sarah is diligent in her study of the demographics and, especially, the economic activities that underpin the fastest- growing city in America. She is however, going to have to donate her illicit $500 winnings to the school prom fund. That is, after Mr Osborne has finished giving her a good spanking.
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Dorothy's Art Project DOROTHY'S ART PROJECT
Dorothy invited her classmate, Bambi over after school to pose for photographs for her school art project. Starting innocently enough, when Dorothy suggests that her theme is "rebellious schoolgirl" things begin to get a more heated. Telling Bambi that she wants to take some more risqué pictures for her "personal portfolio", a flirty school girl strip tease begins, as Dorothy casually suggests that Bambi should undress to her white training bra and panties. Soon Bambi is nude except for her school tie. 

At this point Dorothy's grown up sister, Alex, arrives home and is furious to see a naked schoolgirl in her living room, being photographed by her little sister! Dorothy's pleas that it's "for art!" fall on deaf ears, and Alex decides that both girls need to be punished. First, Dorothy goes over her lap for a spanking while Bambi, still naked, watches nervously. Then, it's Bambi's turn and she is spanked while Dorothy watches VERY carefully. 

After spanking both girls, Alex makes them bend over the table for a dose of the strap to ensure that they learn their lesson and do not try something like this again, especially for school! Preview FilmPreview Image GalleryJoin
Mommy's Nightie MOMMY'S NIGHTIE
Kassia was sent to bed for the night, but came back to get her forgotten glass of water. Her father, Paul, was shocked to see that his teen daughter was wearing her mother's silky, and very sexy nightie instead of her own age appropriate pajamas. Kassia admitted to taking it from Mommy's drawer, but insisted that there's nothing wrong with her wearing it. Her father was less than impressed, and put Kassia over his lap for a hard spanking while scolding her about why this was not decent behavior and not expected in his house. Kassia brattily protested her punishment and used very bad language, so she was made to kneel up on the sofa and stick out her round little bottom for further punishment with his belt.

This daddy/daughter teen ageplay film really highlights spanking scene newcomer Kassia as both a gorgeous and very naughty girl. Her bottom in her silky knickers won't soon be forgotten!
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Tales of The Slipper Part One TALES OF THE SLIPPER – PART ONE
The first in a series of four films exploring the one element of corporal punishment that survived the ending of the practice in UK state schools in the early 1980s: The Slipper! It was always common knowledge, although rarely talked about, that PE Mistresses (and Masters!), kept a slipper for on-the-spot motivation or punishment during PE classes, or sometimes afterwards in the changing room. The slipper itself was a plimsoll or gym shoe, almost always a large, gents example for maximum effectiveness and coverage.

In this film April, a lazy and extremely rude schoolgirl finds herself kept back after school, made to don her PE kit of white vest and bottle green PE knickers, to receive a dose of The Slipper from Miss Reynolds.

Warning: This film may evoke painful memories for viewers of a certain vintage!
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Maddy has just gotten back from her morning ride. When greeted at the door by her boyfriend, Paul, her heart sinks when she sees he's holding her riding helmet. The helmet without which she is forbidden from riding, the one she has promised him before that she absolutely will not forget. Well, last time she was given a spanking and a warning of what would happen if she put her safety at risk again. So it's not just a smacked bottom on the seat of her tight jodhpurs this time, Maddy is going to be horsewhipped, with her own riding crop to remind of her responsibility and of how much she is cared about.

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An A For Apricot AN “A” FOR APRICOT?
Finding an old school paper of her sisters is too much of a temptation for Apricot. In trouble constantly recently for her declining grades, she thinks copying her sisters work from several years ago will earn her the A she needs, after all, Alex got an A for it! And then Alex arrives unexpectedly, is horrified and explains what a really bad idea plagiarism is. Feeling sorry for her forlorn younger sister, Alex takes pity on Apricot and decides to handle the girl's punishment herself, rather than tell their parents.

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Harley's Punishment HARLEY'S PUNISHMENT
This is a hard, no nonsense punishment film. Harley’s behavior has been out of line recently, and she knows it. Hopefully, a severe punishment will get her back on track. First, Paul spanks her over his knee, reddening her bottom nicely. Then, Harley is made to stand and bend over for ten hard swats with a stinging wooden paddle on her bare bottom. The paddling leaves Harley’s bottom marked and brings her to the point of real tears, but her punishment is not over. After standing in time out to think about her actions, Harley must bend back over for ten hard strokes of the cane. She is put in an embarrassingly exposing position with her legs spread wide to enhance the punishment. Her tears quickly return as her bottom is welted with red lines.

Later, Harley is resting on her tummy, not even worrying about getting dressed properly again. Her friend, Alex comes in to check and see how Harley is doing, (she was in the house and heard Harley being punished). Harley complains of how sore her bottom is after the hard strokes, and Alex rubs lotion on Harley’s cheeks to help soothe the pain.
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When Anabelle calls for her friend Alex for cheerleader practice, she finds Alex upset and grounded, on account of Annabelle encouraging her to sneak out to a party last week.  Not only that but Alex got spanked for it to while Anabelle got...well, nothing it transpires!  Outraged, the only way Alex can see to make reparation is to give Anabelle the same spanking she got.

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When his sister-in-law costs him a $200 traffic ticket, James patience with Ginger is taken way beyond its limits and his sexy sister-in-law finally gets the sore bottom she has deserved for ages. And with the promise of more to come if she doesn't behave herself.

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Dorothy has borrowed her sisters car and returned it seemingly with the residue of a fast food dinner strewn on the carpet and the seats. This unofficial arrangement will not survive unless Dorothy learns to take proper care of the car, after all she is not technically old enough to drive, something which would get them both in trouble with their parents. The compromise, reached by Alex, is that she will give Dorothy the punishment she deserves. In this case a spanking across her sisters lap followed by the hairbrush on her bare bottom. Poor Dorothy, Alex is such a tyrant!

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Awaiting the arrival of his spouse at their vacation hotel, Paul is shocked to receive a series of photos from Lily, clearly taken on her cell phone while driving to meet him. Lily was driving alone! Paul impresses upon Lily how ridiculously dangerous taking photos while driving is by giving her a thorough spanking followed by the strap across her bottom.

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Don't Tell The Bride DON'T TELL THE BRIDE!
It's Stephen's wedding day and the bridesmaids; his sister-in-law Jadie and his wife's best friend Rosie, have gone somewhat off-script.  As is traditional, the bride chose the most horrendous outfits she could find, and made the girls pay for them.  Unfortunately, Jadie and Rosie have made their dissatisfaction rather too apparent at the ceremony and Stephen takes the girls aside, into the church office in fact, for a little word prior to the reception.  Another wedding tradition soon comes into play, that where the bridegroom spanks the bridesmaids and, according to him at least, they thoroughly deserve it!  It is during the girls punishment that another issue comes to light; Stephen's choice of underwear for the girls is also not meeting with approval. (That part may not actually be tradition, I may have made it up!)
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Alex Reynolds is a senior girl with a reputation. She likes to find excuses to turn the junior girls alone across her lap for a spanking. On the all-school field trip, Alex noticed Nuna Starks touching exhibits at the museum. So, upon returning to the hotel, Alex visits Nuna's room. Exaggerating her authority, she tells Nuna that she will definitely get a caning from the Head Teacher, Mr. Kennedy, unless she accepts a spanking from Alex. Alex demonstrates the problems with touching things that you aren't supposed to by getting a little bit hands-on with Nuna before giving her a spanking across her lap. First, she just uses her hand, and she mixes in a bit of exploring and touching. Then, she gets up and finds a hairbrush to apply to Nunas adorable bottom. Nuna is whimpering and whining as she is spanked, but perhaps it is not all bad. When Alex asks Nuna if she hates being spanked, she is non-committal. The sore feeling in her bottom is leaving her very confused, it seems. 

To her horror, Alex is interrupted when Mr Kennedy does arrive, cane in hand, intending to punish Nuna, having just gotten off the phone with the museum, just as Alex had threatened would happen, until he sees what's been going on. Instead, Alex is now the one who is going to get a caning, as she has been told time and again that she does not have the authority to punish younger students. In fact, she has no authority at all, she is just a bully! And bullies get their panties taken down and are spanked hard, before having to bend over for the cane.

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Ally's Bedtime Punishment ALLY'S BEDTIME PUNISHMENT
Having been extremely rude to her mother, Ally finds herself in her pajamas, waiting in her room, knowing she is to be punished and that its going to hurt. Presently, Paul arrives and, as promised last time, he is carrying a long, leather strap...

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Over-ordering on stationary, again, sees personal assistant Kassia up-ended across Mr Kennedy's lap, again. Just what is he supposed to do with 200 staplers and 45 whiteboards? Christmas presents?! Kassia is taken to the break room and punished amid the crockery and cookies.

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Kelley is surprised to see Ava, her stepdaughter, heading for the door. She's grounded, and there's a family dinner tonight! Her older sister, Alex, is coming home from college. And what is she wearing? A girl her age should not be going out dressed in fishnet stockings and high heels! Ava thinks that she can do as she pleases and, while arguing with Kelley, Alex arrives home and is unimpressed Ava's attitude, telling her that if she had talked to her parents that way she would have been spanked. 

Kelley thinks this could be an effective solution to Ava's behavioral issues, so Alex sends Ava off in search of the hairbrush. Ava is frustrated that her sister does not take her side, but Alex explains that Kelley right and Ava needs to be behaving better.  While her sister watches, Ava gets spanked: for trying to sneak out while grounded, for wearing inappropriate clothing and for her awful attitude.

We were very pleased to debut Ava this year and to be the first site to shoot with Kelley upon her return to being on camera! We are proud to say that both performers have been nominated for Spanking Awards: Ava as Best New Spankee and Kelley as Best New Female Top. Go over to WWW.SPANKINGBLOGG.COM to vote for these lovely and talented ladies! 
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Poor Maddy's job as a chambermaid is so dull.  Her only pleasure is the occasional piece of liberated candy to snack on while she's making her 44th bed of the day.  Unfortunately, today Maddy has stolen Candy from a guest who's stay at the hotel is for a very specific purpose, which Maddy would have discovered if she had opened the bedside drawer.  Well today Maddy will experience a change in her routine as her sweet tooth has landed her in a lot of trouble with a professional Dominatrix and her poor bottom will not be quite the same after Miss Alex has finished with her.

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Something special today, as a little bonus! In addition to this site, we also run a clips4sale only store: kitchensinkspanking.com. It's a home for videos that we enjoy doing but that might not fit the general themes of Northern Spanking, or that explore other fetishes in addition to spanking, as this film does.

This film, "Waiting is the Worst" is one of our favorites that we've done for that store, so we decided that we'd share it here, as well. Please go check out Kitchen Sink, especially if you enjoy this film!

In this video, Alex is in trouble once again. Sent to her room in just her t-shirt and panties to face the wall and wait to be punished, she realizes that she needs to pee, and very badly. She wiggles and squirms as she tries to both obey her instructions and hold in her need to pee, but eventually she fails, soaking her panties. Unsure of what to do, she faces the wall in disgrace with her knickers wet.

Paul eventually returns to punish her, only to discover her little accident. He scolds Alex for her naughty behavior, then puts her across his lap to smack her bottom. She wriggles and howls as she is punished, feeling the sharp sting of a spanking on a wet bottom. Perhaps this will teach the little miss to have a bit more self control in future!

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Linny is noisy and disruptive in class, has poor grades and has no interest in learning or achieving anything in school. That's all well and good (not) but the Head Teacher will no longer stand for her behavior affecting the ability of the other students to learn. Linny is to get the strap and, since she seems to enjoy throwing things in class, she will feel it on her hands as well as her bottom.

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Violet & The Brush VIOLET & THE BRUSH
Despite being grounded, Violet has still been going to cheer practice, by climbing out of her bedroom window! When her sister Alex discovers this, she reminds Violet of the time she ratted her out and Mom spanked her... with a clothes brush! Such things never happen to Violet, the little angel. Until now!

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Mommy Says I Have To Spank You MOM SAYS I HAVE TO SPANK YOU
After Adriana almost causes them to almost miss their flight, Alex consults her Mom on what should be done to punish her sister. The answer of course is a good smacked bottom, which Adriana knows she richly deserves.

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This is our Christmas film. It's inspired by a fairly well-known film noir movie from the 1940's and is a tribute to the magical city of Los Angeles, where we have made our home. It could also be the genesis of that (un)lovable rogue private detective that appears from time to time! We hope you like it!

Ms Ginger Sparks has had Kennedy running around town for three weeks, following some old guy she claims is her best friend's cheating husband. This guy has seen 80 summers at least and can just about make it to his Diner, his Daycare and his Diabetes Clinic. Kennedy smells a rat and a chance call from his Courthouse reporter contact fills in the blanks. There's a big mob trial on and all the best PI's in town are coining it in chasing down witnesses, except for Kennedy who's stuck with this dead end gig for the pretty redhead.

Courthouse gossip says that Kennedy's main rival, Manny, has a new squeeze. A pretty redhead no less, with curves in all the right places! This morning's meeting with Ms Sparks should be interesting. Can he trick her into blowing the game? Can he use her duplicity to get in on the Courthouse action? And more importantly, what kind of painful and humiliating retribution can he wreak on Ginger's voluptuous ass?

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Having her cousin Apricot staying with the family is an unendurable trial for Harley. How dare she still have her bed out when Harley wants to watch TV? How dare she take Harley's place on the volleyball team and HOW DARE SHE talk to the boy Harley has a crush on?! How dare she even breathe Harley's air? Something has to be done and poor Apricot is not gonna like it!

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Zabrina has been suspended from school yet again, this time for fighting involving injury to a younger girl. Returning home from work to discover this latest turn of events, as related to him by his wife,Jadie, Paul is incensed and resolves to teach the wicked girl a lesson, himself. A smacked bottom from her Mother seems to have little effect so, this time, Zabrina is going to feel the strap across her bottom. Perhaps that will get through to her.

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Over their weekly tea and cookies, best friends Alex and Cupcake discuss the latest developments in their love lives. Alex is distraught to hear that Cupcake has, once again, disclosed details of a new relationship that Alex had hoped to keep under wraps. This time Alex has had enough and determines to curb her friends gossiping habits once and for all. Without further ado, Alex turns Cupcake across her lap and administers a sound spanking with her hand and a solid wooden clothes brush.

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Koko is the star player in her college soccer team but Mr Johnson, the new Coach is unimpressed with her lack of effort in training. How much better could she be if she actually tried? Turning up late for her first practice with the new Coach turns out to be a huge mistake and Koko quickly discovers that Mr Johnson's reputation as a disciplinarian is fully deserved. Not only does Koko suffer a humiliating spanking, she is made to strip for some physically exercise, encouraged by a leather paddle. The next time she has to punished, Coach Johnson warns Koko, it will be on the soccer field in front of the whole team!

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Having scammed her way onto a school physics trip to an amusement park and been caught, Kitten is subjected to a practical, hands-on demonstration of impact forces, with the help of the physics tutor's tawse!

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Linny Lace is a perpetually naughty student who is a little bit too brave for her own good. Sent to the Headmistress after a series of pranks went too far and disrupted the teachers ability to run their classes, Linny finds herself in serious trouble. She fails to take Headmistress Reynolds scolding seriously, nor is she particularly phased by a spanking across her lap. The cane, however, gets results, making the pretty young prankster a very sorry young lady.

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On a family vacation, Maddy is displaying her wilful side, demanding that she be allowed to go to a night club while her parents go out to dinner. This of course is not happening and Maddy is confined to the hotel. On top of this, her attitude and wilful behavior earn her a smacked bottom and a taste of the hairbrush.

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Sharing a house when both of you has a busy career can be challenging.   Made more so when one housemate (Ally) has aless than dilligant approach to essential housework.  Alex has had enough of coming home from work only to find more work for her to do and decides that Ally needs alesson in discipline, repeated from her younger days.  A good spanking and a taste of the hairbrush will hopefully focus Ally's mind on tidying up after herself.

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In a school which regularly employs corporal punishment its something of a rarity to find a pupil who has never been caned. Add to this the fact that a week has passed without ANY girls being caned, and Headmaster Kennedy has both a dilemma and its solution. Canings must happen frequently in order to maintain discipline and the passage of a whole week without one is simply unacceptable. Amy Cawcliffe is one of the six who have never been caned and is unlucky enough that the other five have surnames beginning with letters after C, so she finds herself at the top of Mr Kennedy's list and summoned to his office for a severe and totally arbitrary caning. Who ever said that life was fair?!

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Ava Nicole is in a lot of trouble after she caused a scene at the varsity football game. The feisty cheer captain lead the other girls in a series of alternative cheers, making fun of the opposing school and using very harsh language. The coach was appalled. The team was docked a point for poor sportsmanship. Ava was temporarily removed from the field...and when she was allowed to return, she did it again! Upon her return home, an agreement was made with the coach over the phone that Ava would be allowed to maintain her position on the team only if she was punished severely at home. Now, Ava is in for a hard spanking followed by a dose of the strap on her bare bottom. Its going to be hard: she needs to learn that this sort of behavior is disgraceful and definitely not funny!
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Alex just wants to study for her end of year exams but her younger sister, Dorothy is already finished with school for the year and Alex has to look after her. Worse, her friend, Bambi staying with them while her parents are out of town. Dorothy and Bambi immediately start wreaking havoc, being noisy and disruptive. Alex tries reasoning with them but these girls are truly out of control. Alex has no choice but to do the best she can to regain it, by bending the girls over one at a time to be spanked soundly. Alternating between spanking her bratty little sister and her naughty friend, Alex doesn't think she's getting the message across. Perhaps her Mason Pearson hairbrush will drive the lesson home. Once she has spanked both girls, Dorothy maintains her attitude, so it's back across the table for another round with the brush. Finally, she'll be able to get her studying done now that she's taught these two a lesson!
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In a rare moment of peace, Paul's reading is loudly interrupted by Harley complaining about the latest war crime her sister, Violet has perpetrated, demanding that she be immediately punished.  Harley even brought the paddle with her!  Never a long process, Paul's patience quickly expires and Harley finds HERSELF on the receiving end of a spanking.  Realizing his afternoon is completely kaput in any case, facts are extracted from hysteria and Violet is summoned to receive the punishment she does in fact deserve, much to Harley's obvious delight.

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Alex has a new-found interest in environmental activism. Perhaps rather unwisely, her first target is a local property development which threatens some obscure wildlife. This particular development, and the developer, are extremely close to home! So close in fact, that Alex finds herself spanked for such disloyalty when she gets home! The enthusiastic endorsement of Alex punishment coming from Erica, her stepmother may not, however be quite as innocent and supportive as it first appears...

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Miss Reynolds Study Group MISS REYNOLDS' STUDY GROUP
Miss Reynolds is having trouble with her history study group. Linny and Ally are more interested in exploring each other than early 20th century European history and goody-two-shoes Cupcake is anything but! Time for some hands-on historical discipline and three naughty schoolgirls with smacked bottoms.

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On their day out together, Syrena has not exactly been the world's best behaved niece and Aunt Kelley decides that the flirty little madam needs to go to bed with a sore bottom.

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So This Is Discipline, Huh? SO THIS IS DISCIPLINE, HUH?
Living with her big sister is soooo cool! Rococo gets to do WHATEVER she likes - there's no rent and there is a FREE CAR!! Alex has had enough of this little freeloader and informs her that unless she gets off her lazy butt and starts looking for a job, Alex will send her back to their parents. Oh, and what would Mom do if Rococo was such a lazy brat back home? That's right, she would find herself on the receiving end of a spanking. Well, why should things be any different here...?

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Ginger's Vengeance GINGER'S VENGEANCE
Schoolgirls Alex and Linny are waiting in the common room. They are waiting for Mary-Ann, a younger girl they have been bullying and stealing from for weeks. However, instead of poor little Mary-Ann arriving to hand over her lunch money, her big sister Ginger arrives, clutching the school paddle and with revenge on her mind. These horrible girls are done tormenting her sister and Ginger is determined to make them feel the humiliation she has suffered at their hands. With the added extra of very sore bottoms indeed, once their white cotton school knickers are pulled down and both girls receive a paddling. We can see that the punishment has worked; Alex and Linny agree they will never, ever pick on any girl (who has a big sister) again!
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Maddy's Swimsuit Spanking MADDY'S SWIMSUIT SPANKING
Having been returned to their room from the hotel pool, without her room key, ID or even a towel, Maddy is in trouble. Its the second time this weekend! Whatever will Paul do with her? A guess is not difficult and it involves the removal of her bikini bottoms and a paddle, appropriate as she is still dripping from the pool.

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Caned Over Lunch CANED OVER LUNCH 
James has cause to discipline his pretty assistant, Koko, for forgetting to record an important lunch appointment in his diary. After sub-standard nourishment, James is very unhappy to find the client he stood up waiting for him in his office. After taking Koko across his lap and taking her panties down for a well-deserved spanking, James informs her that she is now going to be punished again, in front of Mr Kennedy, his client. And, if that were not humiliating enough, they both decide that Koko deserves to be caned...by Mr Kennedy!

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Jenna has been brought home by the police, again. For attempting to steal a car, again! Being spanked both at school and at home just do not seem to be improving her behaviour, so it's time her punishments started becoming more serious. This evening, after yet another smacked bottom, Jenna is going to find out what her hairbrush feels like when its used to punish her. It is made clear to Jenna that each new episode of bad behaviour will be met with increasingly severe punishments. Jenna is sent to bed with a very sore bottom indeed.

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Bambi and Alex are college girls sharing a house. Keen to help with the rent, Bambi has got a new part time job as a 'private maid', a position she saw advertised in a newspaper. Returning home, she announces this fact and sheepishly shows her uniform to Alex, seeking her approval. What she gets is anything but! What, exactly, is a 'private maid'? How can she clean someone else's house, IF that's what she's supposed to be doing, when this place looks like THIS?! Alex decides to try her out, makes her put on the uniform and gets her to tidy up. Her efforts are less than successful and Alex punishes Bambi for that and for her naivete.

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Dorothy is a very badly behaved high schooler, so her parents had to hire Alex, only a few years older, to babysit her when they go out. When Dorothy is a naughty brat, Alex sends her to bed, but not without giving her a good, bare bottom spanking over her knee. She then reminds Dorothy of what a naughty little girl she is by stripping her nude and dressing her for bed in a pair of embarrassingly childish one piece, dropseat pajamas. But Dorothy threw a tantrum when it was time to change, so it's back across babysitter's lap for another hard spanking that leaves Dorothy sore, sorry and humiliated. 

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Good At Tennis, Bad At Lying GOOD AT TENNIS, BAD AT LYING
Ella returns from school having enjoyed and won a school tennis match, something she loves and excels at, or so she claims. Ella fails to realise the questions she is facing reveal a knowledge that she has been nowhere near school, never mind a tennis court this day. Truancy would have been bad enough but to compound that with continued lies, and the deception of coming home in her tennis outfit, means this young lady is in very serious trouble indeed.  The kind of trouble that will earn Ella a smacked bottom and a good hiding.  Watch with us as this takes place.  We loved recreating the 1970's setting for this film and Ella was just perfect for it too.  We hope you enjoy it.

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Schoolgirl Ava Nicole has gotten herself into trouble. She imitated her big sister by volunteering to make the cakes for the school bake sale when she has no idea how to bake! As the deadline approaches she goes to her sister, Kelley May, for help. Big sister helps her, but at the cost of a hard spanking over her white panties and then on bare bottom. She uses a stinging wooden spoon to drive home not just responsibility, but being her own person. This is Ava Nicole's first spanking video, and Kelley May's return from retirement.

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One mistake too far sees secretary Nuna and her long-suffering boss sharing a too-small hotel room for the duration of their business trip.  Luckily, Mr Kennedy always brings a specific piece of business equipment with him on such trips... His cane!

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By Order Of The Court - Part One BY ORDER OF THE COURT – PART ONE
Four girls convicted of offences of violence and prostitution are sentenced to severe corporal punishment by the court. The method is strict; all must strip and in turn be taken to the punishment room to receive their beating. Featuring Alex Reynolds plus three of our gorgeous and talented new spankees, Harley Havik, Cupcake SinClair and Violet October. The full version of this film is 40mins long! In Part One, Cupcake and Harley receive a severe 25-stroke caning.

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By Order Of The Court - Part Two BY ORDER OF THE COURT – PART TWO
Four girls convicted of offences of violence and prostitution are sentenced to severe corporal punishment by the court. The method is strict; all must strip and in turn be taken to the punishment room to receive their beating. Featuring Alex Reynolds plus three of our gorgeous and talented new spankees, Harley Havik, Cupcake SinClair and Violet October. The full version of this film is 40mins long! In Part Two, Violet is taken to the punishment room for a 25-stroke caning followed by a birching for Alex.

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Mia arrives home late from the bar and heads to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  She wasn't as quiet as she thougt and she woke her room mate Alex, who gets out of bed in just her vest and knickers to investigate the noise.  Alex is horrified at how Mia got home; accepting a ride from a complete stranger, instead of getting a cab, in order to save money.  
Alex reminds her room mate of the spankings she got as a teenager for doing dangerous and irresponsible things. Alex thinks a similar punishment is necessary this time and returns with a leather slipper to punish her pretty young room mate, pulling her across her lap to do so. Mia's bottom turns a brilliant red from the stinging slaps as she is sternly reminded that her personal safety is extremely important.
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Schoolgirl Zabrina faces the unexpected wrath of her parents having been brought home by the police, for shoplifting! Such behaviour in this family is quite unprecedented and a family meeting is called, whereupon it it is decided that there is no alternative but for her mother to give Zabrina a spanking. Her big sister, Alex, also has to watch. Her behaviour has never sunk so low but while she is under this roof, she needs to see what could happen. Alex visibly shivers as Zabrina's knickers are taken down and her bottom given a good smacking.

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Harley's behavior has been getting worse.  She is cheeky, sometimes downright rude and getting beyond the disciplinary control of her mother.  Harley's mother calls an old friend, who she thinks may be able to help correct the wayward girl's behavior, or punish her severely at the very least.  He, in turn, calls on another old friend to assist him in his task, a friend from his days as a schoolmaster.  Harley is going to feel the cane across her bottom.

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Alex likes to look out for her little sister, so when she finds out that her best friend, Cupcake, has been seeing her boyfriend behind her back, she is very upset.  Confronting Cupcake on her behavior, Alex knows there is only one solution, a very sore bottom indeed for her little sister's bad friend.

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Kennedy the unscrupulous but effective private detective has found his latest runaway in record time. Rather than hand her over to her poor parents, whom he feels deserve the break, he finds a way to vastly increase his fee and give the sexy little minx the many spankings she undoubtedly deserves and which he will thoroughly enjoy!

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Finding the door to the Headmistress's office open after school has finished for the day is too much of a temptation for schoolgirls Alex and Christy. The school's leather paddle sitting on Miss Blake's desk. Alex has felt it across her bottom once wants to share the experience with Christy.  Experimentation with the heavy leather on each others panty clad bottoms leads to further, more intimate experimentation. When Miss Blake returns for her laptop, both girls soon find themselves with their white cotton school knickers taken down for a proper taste of the school paddle. Miss Blake is not unkind however, allowing the schoolfriends to hold hands and providing the occasional caress to their sore, punished bottoms. Both Christy and Alex are sure to return to Miss Blake's office many times...for punishment of course!
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Girl Scout Dorothy begins the delivery of this years cookies.  However, a discrepancy is noticed in the ordering, all have had an extra zero added!  Could anyone really spend $5,000 on Girl Scout Cookies?  Apparently John Osborne could but, before deciding what to do, and how to pay for her fraudulent activity, Dorothy must be spanked!

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Ginger finds herself in big trouble, having been discovered snooping in her husband's lawyers office, to try and find out what exactly he knows about her extra-marital affairs, who will be named in his divorce petition. Her attempts at seduction fail but Ginger discovers to her horror that there is one thing he knows about her from talking to his client; that she likes to be spanked. Perhaps if she were to take a spanking she suggests, he might let her have a look at the files? Having thoroughly taken advantage of her, just as she did for seven years married to his client, he canes her and throws her out!

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Amber is an Au Pair seemingly in a world of her own.  Until, that is, her busy disciplinarian Mistress re-introduces her to reality, with a very sore, smacked bottom!

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When nurse Adriana finishes her shift and returns to the hotel, all she wants is a little relaxation and stress relief. Her hand having found its way to her panties, stress reief commences! Adriana unfortunately relaxes rather noisily and this disturbs her neighbor, Alex, who has her own ideas about relaxation being done quietly. She proceeds to lift Adriana's legs and smack her bottom, to reinforce the message.  It does not seem that Adriana is learning much however as the spanking is clearly making her even more aroused. Perhaps the hairbrush to her bottom will have more effect? It does not look like Alex will be returning to her own room any time soon.

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Jadie had a reputation for being a menace on the road, but when he saw for himself just how dangerous she was, he had no choice but to punish his pretty wife. Waiting for her when she arrived home, with a leather strap in hand, he reminded Jadie of what had happened that day. Her excuse of “I’ve never run YOU over before!” didn’t go very far. Jadie ended up across his knee, being punished first over her tight leggings, then her cotton panties and finally, much to her chagrin, on her bare bottom. Then she was made to kneel on the sofa and present herself for the strap. Even worse, John told her that he was taking her car keys for a week, and that she’d have to take the bus!

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Decked out in festive Christmas wear, girlfriends Alex and Ally are just putting the finishing touches on wrapping up some gifts. When they finish, Alex searches for her phone in order to call their friend to let her know that they're about to head out, but discovers that it's missing. She asks Ally to call it, and soon discovers that it's wrapped up in one of the packages. Thinking Ally must have somehow done that by accident, she opens the present to get it out, only to discover that the item wrapped was a red riding crop and the gift was meant to be for her. Alex takes Ally's not so subtle hint and gives her pretty partner a good spanking, then gives the new gift a test drive as she punishes Ally for her bratty antics with the phone. Happy Holidays from Northern Spanking!

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Monty's Missing Dinner MONTY'S MISSING DINNER
Rosie Ann has the mother from hell.  More concerned with the impact on her social diary than Rosie or her little brother (Monty)'s welfare, Jessica shows her frustration by smacking Rosie's bottom, followed by an application of the hairbrush in an embarassing legs-up position.  Rosie wishes she were an orphan!

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Aleesha is very protective of her husband, (or rather his generous salary as a travelling salesman). It is 1980 and a new sales assistant, Ella, has joined the firm and promptly turned all the salesmen's heads. There is fierce competition to have her along as assistant on long business trips.  There is concern among the wives about just how those long motorway miles in the Ford Cortina (with its brushed nylon back seat) and those dull nights in the Trusthouse Forte (with their double-wide beds) are alleviated by having young, sexy, redhead Ella along for the "ride".   As the senior wife, Aleesha confronts the little strumpet and invites her round to her executive home for coffee and tarts. This is what happens...

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Harley & The School Strap HARLEY & THE SCHOOL STRAP
Having been caught fighting at school, for the second time, Harley thinks she has found away to escape punishment. But she has not thought it through very well and her plans are discovered at a very inopportune moment. After a very stern lecture, Harley receives the punishment she was due originally, with the prospect of more to come.
 This is the first major film conceived and written by Alex. In combination with Harleys delightfully sorry and submissive schoolgirl, a beautiful vintage American venue and some gorgeous camera work by Rafa, this is one of the stand-out films from 2015. We are really proud of this one, we hope you love it too.

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Maddy Marks is straight out jail, and she has promised herself that she is going straight. Its not easy for an ex-con though, even one as pretty and appealing as Maddy. The terms of her parole require her to find and keep a job but few places will hire a girl with a record. Fortunately(?), her parole officer has set her up a job interview at Kennedy's, a local restaurant, whereupon she meets Kennedy himself.

Maddy is terrified of making a bad impression as her prospects are slim. She is quiet and polite as Kennedy asks her questions. He will take on a girl with a record, but there are rules in his restaurant. Mistakes come with consequences and he could have her sent back to jail in a heartbeat. As for the consequences, Kennedy makes those crystal clear, with a prolonged and painful practical demonstration. So, if she wants to work there, Maddy will have to get used to having her perky bottom spanked, wearing an extremely revealing uniform and taking hard punishment with a heavy leather strap for the slightest mistake.

Both of them know she’s going to take it, though. What choice does she have, really? As for Kennedy, well he is having one of his better days, believe it or not.

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Alex & Linny find themselves in England for Halloween and inflict the full force of the American tradition on the unsuspecting neighbours and neighbourhood of their British guardian. Under threat of arrest for malicious damage, vandalism, and incitement to riot, not to mention putting Mr Kennedy's dinner to a more violent purpose, the girls are to be severely punished, in a traditional British way.

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Hi from Alex! This film is a very to the point, austere punishment film, in which I play a very passive school girl accepting a correction which has now become routine to her: twelve hard strokes of the cane across first her tight fitting school skirt, then her full bottomed knickers and finally, her bare bottom. I seem to have a habit of getting myself into trouble, and don't make any protest against the discipline I receive at all. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to think that, just maybe, I was getting in trouble on purpose in order to find myself bent across a desk.

Because this film is shot on an infinity curve, it has a fantasy-like feeling to it. It's fitting, since this simple and straight forward scenario is an extremely good representation of one of my biggest fantasies. I've always loved strict and traditional English school scenes, and this was one of the first times I got to bring that to life: this was filmed three years ago, during my first working trip to England. Coincidentally, it's also the first time that I was ever caned in England. I remember being a mix of very, very excited, but also shy and nervous when we filmed this, hence my very quiet demeanor on camera! 

I hope you enjoy!

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Nuna is a promising young cheerleader attending her first convention.  Excited at being away from home and no doubt encouraged by others, Nuna consumed alcohol the night before a qualifying round and woke with a hangover.  That was far from her only problem; Coach Reynolds had heard all about it.  Coach Reynolds had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, and a huge wooden paddle...

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Explain Yourself, Dorothy! EXPLAIN YOURSELF, DOROTHY!
Dawn is breaking as Dorothy rolls home from a party she was supposed to be back from by midnight!  A good deal of anger is awaiting her and, after excuses have been listened to and dismissed, Dorothy's bottom finds itself on the receiving end of a sound OTK spanking followed by a good slippering.  Dorothy is grounded for, like, a century!

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Adrianna Evans and Alex Reynolds are two school girls on a class trip. When they get back to their hotel room, they discover that they’ve been mistakenly charged for drinking all the alcohol in the mini bar. This is forbidden behavior, and the girls really didn’t do it! However, they have trouble convincing their strict teacher, Mr. Kennedy, of their innocence when he overhears them debating what to do with the bill.  Both girls are spanked hard over his lap, each having to watch their friend get punished. They then are made to bend over the bed one by one for a caning: this kind of behavior is not to be tolerated! It’s so unfair, the girls really didn’t do it! For once, the pleading school girls *are* telling the truth. But then where did the bill come from? Surely it was a mistake!
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Borstal Girls: Jenna Jay - Public Beating BORSTAL GIRLS: JENNA JAY - PUBLIC BEATING
As an example to the other girls confined to the institution, second-time offender Jenna is brought to the lecturn during a specially called punishment assembly.  In front of the entire facility, Jenna is to have her leggings and underwear removed and be caned in public.

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This is a delightful little film, written by Alex and capturing the spirit of an almost-disappeared part of American tradition; the County Faire.  Harley is writing in her diary and looking forward to the County Faire later that day at which, everyone has told her, she is sure to win the Faire Princess crown and be recognised as the prettiest girl in the County. Everyone, that is, except Alex who has been pipped to the title three years running and is in no mood to see it happen again!  Her writing and her happy mood is interrupted by Alex herself. She has decided to ensure her victory over Harley, by means of a spanking, a hairbrush and a very bad attitude!

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The Bicycle of Discipline 2 THE BICYCLE OF DISCIPLINE 2
Here we see the bicycle of discipline in an earlier period of its life, when it was a feature of the 6th Form Common Room in the school at which Jessica was a tyrannical Prefect.  Perhaps she stole it when she left?!  Poor Amber is somewhere she is not allowed to be and her bottom is about to pay the price...

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Jenni begins her first day at a new and apparently progressive clinic. First, she meets the Nursing Director who, upon conducting a basic medical, detects an elevated pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature in her new recruit. Luckily, there is therapy available to reduce these evident signs of stress. It involves the application of her hand, them a leather paddle, repeatedly to nurse Jenni's bottom! It seems to work...!

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Ginger and Linny are out of school enjoying the sunshine in the local park, lounging on their picnic blanket flashing their white cotton school knickers at passers by. They are having a lovely time when they are interrupted by a park warden! Surprised that parks even have authority figures, they are none too pleased when he threatens to take them back to school.
Curiously, they seem unwilling, or unable to explain what school they attend so the park warden decides to take matters into his own hands, and orders each girl to lean against the lamp post in order to have her school skirt lifted and her bottom smacked. Offering surprisingly little protest, Ginger assumes the position first, exposing her gorgeously round bottom. Even more surprisingly, the warden discovers that her bottom is already pink, even though corporal punishment has not been used at local schools in ages. Neither giggling girl can provide an explanation for this, and only increasingly hard punishment can make them take things even the least bit seriously.

While Ginger stands off to the side and rubs her bright red bottom, Linny takes her turn, whimpering slightly as her milky skin is turned equally radiant. Still, neither girl can give the warden a straight answer on any subject whatsoever, and although Linny seems contrite while being spanked, most topics of conversation bring another round of laughter from the girls. Thus, it is time for the belt.

The warden takes his belt off and applies it firmly to each of their bottoms, finally making them quiet down, although its unclear whether any lesson was learned! The girls are told off and kicked out of the park, and left wondering why a park that size even has a warden in the first place!

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It's that time of year again, by which we mean Wimbledon, of course! And here we have a transatlantic battle of wills over a broken tennis racket. This will be the spanking treat of the year for the white knickers / red bottom fans! 

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Alex Reynolds, a senior student has been hired to tutor the younger, distractable Dorothy Burnett.  Having have assured Alex that she can do whatever it takes to make this happen. Alex's school has an open campus and, one afternoon during her lunch break, she saw Dorothy hanging out with her friends when she was supposed to be in class.

During their next tutorial, Dorothy said she had no homework, for any class. Pushed further, Dorothy still did not admit she had not been at school.  Alex had enough and told her what she knew. Far from being contrite, Dorothy complained about how much she disliked school.  She soon had much more to complain about, as Alex explained that Dorothy would be to put her over her lap for a good spanking!

Enjoying her authority over tiny Dorothy, Alex smacked her petite bottom until it was red and swollen. A stranger to this kind of punishment, Dorothy squirmed and squealed as the spanking continued.

When Alex let her up finally, her discipline was not completed: instead it was to grab her hairbrush out of her school bag and make Dorothy bend over the table for further, more painful consequences, all the while being scolded about her bad behavior and how she needed to take things more seriously.

When Alex was satisfied that she had taught a lesson, she sent Dorothy to work on studying with her panties around her ankles and her bare, marked bottom on display to further drive her point home.

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In the week leading up to the inaugural Lone Star Spanking Party this coming weekend in Houston, Texas, organized of course by the two stars of this little film, we felt it appropriate to show you a little of what Sarah & John get up to in their off-screen lives!

A minor dispute about cost versus value develops in an all-too-predictable way... with Sarah across Johns lap having her pretty bottom smacked.

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Borstal Girls: Amber West BORSTAL GIRLS: AMBER WEST
The third in our short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates.  This one sees the induction of a terrified Amber West, promptly introduced to Miss West's temper and her strap.  The results of her strapping are something of a surprise however.

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Ginger is a junior data analyst.  On Casual Friday her boss, Paul, gets complaints about her choice of wardrobe. Having summoned Ginger to his office the problem was immediately apparent.  His stress level rising, Paul's attempts to get through to her about why this isn’t appropriate for work leave Ginger unfazed. As most of her round bottom is on display already, he knows exactly what to do. Bending Ginger over his desk, he begins to give her a sound spanking.

Ginger is less than contrite but offers to change into something else from her car, explaining that she has several outfits for her “other job”.  At his wits’ end, Paul responds by applying a heavy, leather paddle to Ginger’s exposed cheeks.

Offended by her inappropriate shorts, he orders her to take them off, only to discover that her undergarments aren’t exactly work appropriate, either: she’s wearing the skimpiest G-string possible! Ginger is paddled hard on her bare cheeks, making her curvy bottom glow with redness. She finally promises to find something appropriate to change into.

Maybe Ginger has learned her lesson but her parting shot on leaving tends to suggest otherwise!
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This is a film that Alex and I made to record the outcome of the 50-stroke sponsored caning she undertook in support of a campaign organised by our close friend Pandora Blake (dreamsofspanking.com). Details of the campaign and the reasons behind it may be found here: HERE and HERE  There were two aims, namely; to highlight the ridiculous regulations introduced in the UK in December 2014, which effectively outlaw the distribution by UK-based producers/websites of films depicting spanking, caning, etc., basically all of the good (and entirely harmless) stuff that we love. Also, the sponsorship was to raise money for a British organisation, Backlash (backlash-uk.org.uk), which could help to provide legal support for any producer who found themselves targeted by these regulations and the ill-informed body that oversees them, ATVOD.

This was the direct cause of the re-location of northernspanking.com to the US and has similarly affected many of our peers. The concern is primarily for those producers who do not have re-location options and who may find themselves forced to close their businesses or face prosecution.

Along with Pandora herself, Nimue Allen (nimuesworld.com), Amelia Jane Rutherford (restrainedelegance.com) and others, Alex volunteered to take one hard cane stroke for each £10 donated. The total raised was over £3,800 altogether! Please enjoy this film  - Right Click/Save As on the picture - and, if you are able to do so, distribute it as widely as you can, it is copyright-free and needs to reach the largest possible audience.

Some points to remember: It is NOT illegal to practice BDSM between consenting adults in the UK. It is NOT illegal to view, download or keep spanking and corporal punishment films if you live in the UK. Its not even illegal for UK producers to make them, just to sell them!
Its not too late to make a donation and all contributions, however small will be gratefully received and put to good use.  Here is the link: BACKLASH-UK.ORG.UK
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A Bad Place for Good Girls A BAD PLACE FOR GOOD GIRLS
A bus station is a bad place for good girls to hang out! When Rosie Ann's parents got a call from her best friends familyy, telling them that the girls were hanging out there, Rosie was in big trouble. Like most girls her age in the nineteen eighties, she was no stranger to getting her bottom smacked but, this time, she was in bigger trouble than that. This time, she was going to get the cane.

Having mostly been a good girl, Rosie had never been caned before. She was scared and nervous from the moment she saw the thick, rattan implement. She did not protest against the punishment she knew she deserved. Her round little bottom was soundly spanked until it glowed red through her white school knickers while she grimaced and whimpered. Then she was ordered to kneel up on the bed, presenting herself for the cane.

What followed was a hard caning, each stroke biting into her tender bottom, making her lunge forward, trying to escape the pain that never seemed to stop growing. The strokes were hard, and they did not get any softer when she cried out: she needed to learn a lesson.

Once Rosie had been properly beaten, she collapsed on the bed, her red and swollen bottom sticking up. Rosie promised that she will not be caught in the bus station again.

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Alex and Harley are friends who are on the same riding team. The girls decided to make a deal with one another: whoever scored the most points for the team during the next competition will get to spank the other. Alex came out on top, by a wide margin, so once everything was over, she lead Harley to the back porch of one of the buildings. Reminding her friend that a deal is a deal, she pulled Harley over her lap. Feeling quite pleased with herself, and giggling at her friends prediciment, she soundly smacked Harely's bottom over her tight jodhpurs, being a bit generous with her soothing rubs.

Harley protested and whined, but Alex got her to admit she did not hate it. At least not until Alex stood Harley up and pulled down her jodhpurs to expose her soft, white cotton knickers. Alex then used her riding crop to drive home the point that she was trying to make: that it was in everyone's best interest for both of them to do well and earn more points for the team.

Really, using the crop hard across Harleys panties, and then pulling them down to punish her bare bottom was entirely to provide inspiration for both girls to do their best! Just how lovely Harley looked as her bottom turned red was a coincidental side effect. Besides, next time, if Harley did her best, it could be her holding the crop. Fair is fair!

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We are proud to introduce a brand new spanking model: Harley Havik. Harley is twenty five and very enthusiastic about spanking and kink in general. She did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently and really enjoyed herself, so you can look forward to seeing much more from her in the future. Harley's first film is coming soon.  She is a truly lovely girl and we are proud to have her on our site.

To let you get to know her a little better, lets look in on her typing lessons. Harley is not particularly enthusiastic about that! Really, neither is her teacher, Miss Alex Reynolds, a secretary who has taken a couple of students to get a little extra spending money. She is not particularly patient with these girls, especially when Harley insists on typing in the least effective way possible.
Fortunately, Alex is also ready to prepare young Harley for discipline in the workplace, and when her patience is stretched too thin, she takes Harley firmly in hand by bending her over the chair and giving her a bare bottom spanking. Unsatisfied with these results, she then orders Harley across the desk for a few strokes of the cane, before sending her back to typing with her panties around her knees. Fingers on the home keys, now, young lady!
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Nurses Janna and Nimue have been out celebrating a co-workers retirement. The care home where they work locks its doors at eleven, so when they stumbled back to the grounds at dawn, they were locked out. After many drinks, they badly needed to pee. Realizeing they were not about to be let in, Nimue decided to simply go in the grass, and in her drunken state fails to take down her panties and leggings, soaking the white material. Unfortunately for them, the commotion woke Mr Kennedy, who was not the least bit amused by the girls behavior. Nimue and Janna seemed to think that the whole thing was hilarious, but he had a way to put an end to their giggling, and access to a school cane, as well...
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The Bicycle of Discipline THE BICYCLE OF DISCIPLINE
Miss Jessica has something of a reputation locally as a very effective personal trainer with somewhat unusual motivational methods.  Perhaps this is why her business is favoured with a steady stream of lazy young wives, whose husbands are fed up paying for gym memberships! Jenna Jay is Miss Jessica's latest victim... er, client!

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Paul and Alex were spending a weekend out-of-town and instead of coming back to the hotel when she was supposed to, Alex chose to spend some time on her favorite hobby: shopping! Frustrated by the amount of debt that Alex had been building up on his credit card, Paul decided to do a bit of shopping of his own. Alex soon discovered that he had purchased a school uniform, and a cane. Despite her pleading and begging, Alex soon found herself getting her bottom smacked before being bent over the bed for the cane. And the worst part? Her credit card priviledges have been revoked - now she has to pay her own bills!

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Stephen and Chris seem to have altogether too much domestic help.  The help is, however, not very helpful in the scheming form of Aleesha and Jenni.  Pretty but lazy and in dire need of discipline.  This gives rise to a domestic challenge: who can most improve the girls performance via a sore, smacked bottom?  There are several surprises in store for Stephen and Chris however, as the girls seem to take their punishment rather too well...

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A special little vignette to show off Alex' pretty bottom and the effects a caning has upon it.

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Borstal Girls: Jenna Jay BORSTAL GIRLS: JENNA JAY
The second in a short series of films imagining the kind of young offenders institutions that did once exist in the UK, with horribly wicked staff taking any and every opportunity to inflict corporal punishment on the unfortunate but equally wicked female inmates. This one sees the return of a seasoned offender to have her bottom strapped by Kennedy, The Supervisor.

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A Christmas Cracker A CHRISTMAS CRACKER!
Rosy is a promising dance student during the day. Three nights a week she has a work experience placement... in a strip club! The owner has taken a shine to little Rosy and recognised a promising little submissive, if not a wonderfully talented dancer. Here we see part of her education and punishment, resulting in a Christmas routine with cane stripes upon her bottom!

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You're So Mean YOU'RE SO MEAN!
Casey has always lived in the shadow of her elder sister, Sarah and, even more unfortunately, her discipline and punishment also lie in Sarahs hands.  And Sarah applies her hand, hard and regularly, to poor Caseys bottom.

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Detention Number 3 DETENTION NO. 3
Rosy Ann finds herself in detention for the third time in a term. As Jenna, with whom Rosy was caught fighting, has just found out, in the third detention, your knickers are taken down and your bottom is introduced to the tawse. Rosy is not looking forward to her fourth detention.

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Zoe should be giving the old folks their tea. Instead she is fixing her makeup in the ladies toilet, where she thinks that she is quite safe from the manager of the nursing home. She is quite wrong of course and her punishment is as imaginative as it is humiliating and painful.

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